Surely they can’t get away with wrecking people’s lives

March 12, 2014

Had a doe order put on my wages ive been paying my payments over the phone by debit card so when i got my wage slip at end of feb it said maintanence £370 deductions. I was horrified because ive been paying every month by phone.

I rang up csa and was not happy they claim that 2 payments hadnt been made i looked on my on line banking and all payments been paid was up to date was told send bank statements in i have its been a week i rang up they not recived them yet .great!

Was told when they get them an advisor will be in touch. I said i want that money back 370 cos im not in arrears they have lost my payment. My ex husband has had all his payments too. Was told no u wont get a refund they will reduce my maintanance payments arrrrh!

I’ve been happy paying 178 a month its their fault that 2 payments have gone missing my bank statements have proof . That 370 i wont see again i had plans for that a deposit for my wedding im so hurt and upset surley they cant get away with wrecking peoples lives.