Surely there must be a CSA cut-off point

March 31, 2015

Hi I got divorced in 1992 with a daughter now aged 29 yrs and always payed maintanence to my ex wife at the time wich she never divulched to the csa.

Then she got the csa involved and to who I am still paying to this day 29 years later from when my daughter was born they say I owe back pay which is £65 a month.

Since then I have remarried now have two boys aged 13 and 21 I work only on min wage my wife is sick at the moment so cannot work and have mortgage to pay but my point is surely there has to be cut off.

My ex wife commited fraud she claimed as a single mother but wasn’t she lived with then partner and never mentionend that she was getting maintanence from me but the csa as always sided with the mother and has never listened to me.

I am now at a stage in my life I simply cannot carry on like this my daughter is 29 years of age now how much money as this woman claimed from them.


  • al says:

    I believe arrears never expire and are even collected from your estate when you die.

  • bob says:

    Raise a case through money claim online for £5,500 and have it sorted through courts. Request data file and hammer the pricks

  • Richard Gent says:

    I thought that if someone made a claim via the CSA for Child support, then it is only valid from the claim date, providing the children involved are within age. So if your daughter is 29 and your ex made a claim, say, 5 years ago, you would be paying Child Maintenance for a 24 year old, which is way over the maximum age to pay child support. In this case you should not have to pay. However, if your ex made the claim 15 years ago and you have managed to avoid paying for your daughter between the ages of 14 to 19 ad now they have caught up with you, then I am afraid you have to pay the arrears.

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