Surely there is a law against how the CSA treat people

February 6, 2015

I had a child back in 1996 which I’ve had no contact with since he was 5mths old. In 2000 I got paid one month and notice £375quid missing so I rang csa and asked why so much.

The tool on the phone said that half was going towards my child and the other half going towards the children that were not being paid for by other perants….I told them were to go, left my job and moved to holland.

I told them this before I smashed my mobile on the ground, they even had the check to phone my employer the next mth looking their money to which they told I had left the country. So a year later I came back to northern Ireland on the 1st march 2001 I was unemployed until 2006, meet my new partner and everything was hunkydorey.

That was until 2009 when outta the blue I got a liability order for over £13 grand went to court , judge didn’t even ask any questions he just granted it. Now its 2015 and my arrears are near £19000 (wtf….. was his mother getting him gold plated nappies) I earn £257 a week, they say my protected income is £167 a week, outta that my rent is £106 then electric, cigs, I haven’t had heat for over 3 years now they have left me with the choice of goto work and starve or not goto work and eat.

I starve for three days a week just to survive, I have mental health problems and all I can think of is what the f**k is the point in being here. I’ve worked all my adult life I’m in my 40s and I’m busting my arse 40hrs a week for £61.

My case has been being assed since Nov 2014 but there still taking the money even thou they no its wrong, I even got a letter in 2009 saying that my case was closed due to leaving the country but it got lost through the years.

Surely there has to be some kinda law even human rights or something that could help with the way they treat people I really really don’t want to end up another suicide statistic because of them but I can’t keep exciting like this, tried the c.a.b but they just treated me like they stood on something, is there any help or advice out there that could help me please.


  • spinner says:

    You could try the NACSA although you have to pay some money towards it.

    If you are unable to eat and they are not respecting your protected income then you will have to sign on.

  • Jo Spencer says:

    Basically what they have done is continued to add up what they assumed you have earned over the years. Unfortunately there isn’t a law or any other form of redress against them other than through the ICE. When you left the country they will still have calculated that you would have been earning a similar amount of money. Once your NI number flagged up on their computer (all NI numbers are recorded whether earning or claiming benefits) that you were once again earning they will have immediately reactivated your case (even though they claim it was closed) and pursued you for thousands of pounds. You have little choice now other than to go through their complaints procedure before you can take your case to the Independent Case Examiner and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this will take years before you get there. NEVER speak to them by phone and NEVER email them, you must send everything in writing and keep copies. You will not owe in any way shape or form the amount they are demanding but you will owe something. My best advice would be to send a letter detailing all monies coming in to your home over the period that you were absent and ask them to explain their calculations. DO NOT under any circumstance pay any monies if possible because you will never get it back. Bailiff’s will arrive, I can guarantee it. DO NOT let them in. You will get repeated correspondence telling you that they are looking in to things and they will ‘get back to you within’ 15 working days, it never happens. Don’t give up and every 15 days send another letter asking what is going on? Keep this up and every time demand that it be sent another stage higher. Trust me, they will offer you consolatory payments (accept them but stress that it is not the end of the matter). Continue to ask for breakdowns of their accounts for you (they are always conflicting but will only stronger your case). After about four years you might be getting somewhere. When you have gone through the full CSA Complaints procedure they will have no option other than to pass your case on to the ICE and they are very fair and understanding. Make a note of everything that you have encountered and the stress it has caused you and your new family. Don’t give up hope, my husband and I have been through it and you will get your day of recompense, even if it seems a world away. If you need anymore advice or help on things give us a shout and I’ll give you our details. In the meantime, life shouldn’t be about waiting to see what brown envelope comes through the door next. Things will get better.

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