Surely the CSA should be means tested

December 15, 2014

My two children live with their dad and their stepmum who together earn approxiamtely £100,ooo together they have four childffen and 2 lots of csa live in a 6 bedroom house.

I earn 15,000 and to earn that have to do 2 jobs and works 60-70 hours a week. I rent a room in a persons house yet I still have to pay csa to my ex husband of £130 per month. I lso see my children regularly and spend money on them when I do.

This is so unfair as surely it shoud be means tested. Ok if I was the greater earner it would be ok but isnt £100,000 enought o live with 4 kids. My children went there because they had better life in the first place I can;t compete with that I gave up my career in the RAF to stay at home with children as me & my ex greed but then he left us to go with another woman not my fault yet I see my self barely scraping by. I hve suicidal thoughts daily as they live a luxuirious life. The law is an ass.


  • Karen75 says:

    The whole supposed point of the CSA is to give the children a standard of living that they would have had if the parents had stayed together. The fact that your ex and his partner are so well off is irelevant to the cause in the CSA eyes. Each parent must make a contribution, which is a good idea. Where they went wrong is the high proportion of income they calculate from the absent parent which pushes most into poverty and incites alot of NRP to not want to pay, not out of choice but out of a neccessity to survive day to day living which CSA make a living hell for the NRP and second families, second being the operative word here, second families are second best and the first born is deemed more important than any subsequent children. Who the hell made the structure for this way of working? Hearts of stone. Warped sense of reality. Twats!

  • gonk says:

    @ Becky KJ Mummywright
    ” Also its not her job to pay for your kids no matter how much she makes or they make ”
    Morally…WRONG!!…When a man or woman goes out of their way to break up a family and take a child away from one of the parents. Then as far as I am concerned that man or woman should become responsible for that childs everyday needs.
    @ Michael Davies, you mirror my thoughts on means testing, well said.
    @ Karen75, another good agument about this filth and how it hammers the nrp.

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