Surely the CSA has to prove I am the father?

December 30, 2012

I have been contacted by the CSA with regards to an application made against me being the father of a child from an ex.

I have responded asking for further evidence of this and I have suggested taking a DNA test.

They have replied saying that i must pay for this but i cannot afford to pay for this. Now they have automatically assumed that i am the father as i am not willing to pay??? This is not the case I simply cannot afford to pay for this test. They are now insisting i provide financial details so they can work out what i have to pay for a child that i believe is not mine.

Surely they have to prove that i am the father?? Where do i stand on this?


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  1. Alice on December 30th, 2012 12:00 pm

    when an application is made to the CSA by the PWC (parent with care) and they contact the ANRP (alledged Non Resident parent) they will ask the ANRP if the accept paternity (this will either be by phone or in writing – Maintenance Enquiry form) – if the ANRP denies paternity they will be offered a DNA test, if the test proves them to be the father they will be charged for the test and also be liable for maintenance for the child, it the DNA test proves them not to be the father then they will not be charged for the test and the case will be closed.

    If the ANRP declines the DNA test they are seen to be accepting paternity – if they later deny paternity they need to apply for a declaration of non parentage through the courts

    When did the CSA contact you initially? Was this by phone or in writing?

  2. stuart on December 31st, 2012 1:50 pm

    Do the CSA charge up front for this test or once paternity is proven?

  3. Alice on December 31st, 2012 4:44 pm

    No, the cost of the DNA is charged to the case as’other charges’, this is the last thing that is ever paid on a case, RM is charged first, arrears to PWC second, arrears to SoS third and eventually (usually when the case is closed) the CSA will recover the ‘other charges’

    CSA DNA tests are done via a company called Cellmark and the ANRP is required to attend a facility and present photographic ID. If a PWC refuses to submit the named QC (s) for DNA testing at the start of a case the case is closed. The PWC has the option to re-apply at a later date and again if the ANRP denies paternity they will be offered DNA testing on the same basis.

    The exception is if the Qc(s) has/have been adopted by the ANRP. Equally if QC is the biological child of an NRP and is later adopted this relinquishes the NRP of their parental duty and the case is closed

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