Surely my payments should stop until my ex-wife answers to the CSA?

September 16, 2013

Hi, my son will be 19 yrs in dec.

last september he enrolled to college but only lasted untill dec when he never went back i contacted csa they told me while my ex wife was claiming child benifit i would still have to pay now this year after numerous calls to the csa was told to call back after sep the 3rd which i did to which i was told the have tried to contact my ex wife to check see if she is still claiming child benifit but they have had no answer then i still have to pay surley if my ex wife refuses to answer them my money to her should stop until she answers them


  • carrie says:

    It’s been the same for us,neither of the 2 ‘children'(19 & 17 ) have been to the college courses they signed up for in 2011.In fact neither have even been to college at all in 2012! Because the pwc hasn’t given the Ch/ben in or reported a change we still have to pay-the CSA told us that is their only legal consideration and while she claims Ch/main is still payable! Surely that is illegal- to claim that they are at college when they aren’t actually attending .Dont forget she will be also getting ctc,wtc,all the benefits of being a single parent. My husband rang up to ask for a change of circumstances this September, as academic year finished and was met with ”.Well’ you dont know what they are doing -they might be going to college!!We have to wait till pwc informs ch/ben ”.,After last year getting Ch/ben & Ch/main from us & all the tax credits.I dont think she’s going to be any rush to do that do you ?We know they are both working -doesn’t anybody check this ? Another payment due to CSA in a few days & I bet they’ll take that. Totally unfair against nrp’s who have always supported their children but they must be able of being independent by now & the nrp can see an end to it. Meanwhile the young child in our family isnt being given the same consideration by the CSA for his needs!

  • John says:

    Same here. Child just turned 19 ( a child at 19….pi–take). Informed CSA that I am no longer liable, and that I will not be paying ANY maintenance from 19 to 20 (going to court if needs be)…….Got a reply from them saying that waiting on CB office to notify them that CB is no longer payable. It appeared promising that I had paid my dues and would finish with the scumbags at the CSA.

    Still waiting two weeks later and the longer that I wait there more that I can predict what is coming, in that they are going to stitch me up with a ‘mistake – ‘arrears’ and that they will be attempting to keep me in their grasp to bleed more money from me.

    Not happening…………will go to the High Court if I have to, win and they will have to pay the costs!

  • Gonk says:

    This is whats so disgusting and filthy about this vermin called the CSA.
    They just keep taking your money and don’t give a damm, why the fuck should they or would they bother trying to find out if the mother was still claiming benefits if it meant your payments to them would stop.
    They couldn’t give a fuck and will believe the mothers lies in order to still rob you.they use the ” it’s not our job to check” bollocks as an excuse to carry on robbing you, despite theses idiots being part of the DWP

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