Surely lying about your normal working hours to pay less is fraud

June 1, 2014

Hi i was wondering if you could help, my ex partner is working and a calculation was made some months ago, i questioned the ammount as it was quite low and i no he earns quite abit, they wrote to him and asked for his wage slips and yes every thing was as it was, i couldnt understand why ?

After some months iv just found out my ex went part time and reduced his hours considerably in order to produce several low wage slips now the calculation has been done hes gone back up to full time work and stupid ammounts of over time.

I contacted the csa today to tell them an ask for a re calculation based on what he is now earning and they told me a re calculation wont be done unless i have proof !! Which is absolutely impossible for me to get.

Surely its their job to act on the information given and prove me wrong by contacting him and asking him to produce recent wage slips, my ex dosent see our son as his new girlfriend wont allow it he has done everything humanly possible to avoid paying for my son and other children he had previously even to the point of changing jobs every few months so he couldnt be tracked down.

We have mutual friends and every time i heard he was working i contacted the csa who then wrote to him etc, surely reducing hours to produce low wage slips an then more than doubling his hours after the calculation is classed as fraud??


  • Leah says:

    He has unlimited access to his son to the point i have argued with him for going on holiday and not taking his son he refuses, he will only have our son for a few hours on a sunday no over night stays my son dosent get invited on days out they have or any other family occasion and i get so angry because im giving him all the access he wants he just dosent want to be involved or pay

  • jo says:

    Unfortunately you have to provide the proof he is committing fraud. I have a job hopper etc for an ex and they’ll never have him for avoiding child support as it’s very difficult to prove.

  • Leah says:

    Could they not just write to him and ask for recent wage slips and then make a calculation based on current earrnings ? Its so very frustrating that some men/women can make a mockery of the csa system like this,

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