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Struggling for Money and in Need of Quick Cash?

This is a guest post written by Ian, of

It’s a scenario lots of us have been through; the CSA is taking a ridiculous amount of your earnings straight from your wages, or you’ve had to reluctantly setup a direct debit, if you’re that lucky.

Basically, it’s as good as money you’ve never had and there’s nothing you can do about it. The Government doesn’t care about your welfare and you need to pay the rent, the utility bills or council tax.

Well, there are number of things you can do in a desperate situation when you’re struggling for money and in need of quick cash, and we’ll outline a few ideas for you that will hopefully tide you over until next pay day.

Pawn unused items

Pawning unused or unwanted household items has never been so popular. With several pawnshops in any major town or city, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the best price on your valuables.
Simply take your belongings to the pawnshop, and the staff there will give you a price and then loan you the money for a fixed length of time.

If you want your item back, you’ll pay the loan amount plus a fee within the time limit set by the pawnshop.

If you don’t pay the loan and the fee back within the set time limit however, the pawnbroker will put your item on sale at full price and you’ll have to buy it back at this cost, or risk losing it forever.

Sell your car

This is an increasingly popular way lately of creating large amounts of cash quickly. We’ve all seen the adverts on television for companies such as We Buy any and heard of Fords of Winsford, and they can be a great way to get cash quickly.

What many people don’t realise though is that there are many other companies out there that will give you more money for your vehicle, such as Sell Your Car Today.

The downside of course is that you lose your car. It depends really on whether you can afford to lose your wheels; is there good public transport in the area? Do you need the car to get to work? Do you need it to pick up your kids? Is it essential for your job? All these questions need to be considered.

Same day/Payday loans

These kind of loans are there as one of the last resorts. Same day loans and payday loans are particularly useful if you need money within hours but be warned: payday and same day loans tend to have massive interest rates; the loan broker knows you’re desperate.

The way these loans work is pretty straightforward. You apply for a loan with a same day or payday loan company. The company runs a credit check, clears it and the money is in your account. However, you have to pay it back within a time frame from 30 days to 12 months or greater.

Shop around online and expect to pay a ridiculous amount of interest

It’s sad that destitute NRP’s have to resort to selling their valuables off, but it is a great way to churn up cash quickly. In the case of pawnbrokers, people often don’t realise they could easily part with certain valuables in the home. Likewise, many people choose to drive when there are cheaper and more beneficial options available to them – such as cycling and public transport services.
We do hope this article has given you an idea of the ways to raise some cash until next payday, so you can bring food to the table or keep the tax man off your back until payday relief.

Author Biography

Ian is a keen mechanic who has worked for Sell Your Car Today since 2002. Sell Your Car Today is a car dealership based on the Wirral peninsula in the county of Cheshire. He is a non-resident parent who’s passionate about fighting for NRP rights after being on the receiving end of bad treatment by the Child Support Agency.

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  1. i find it very sad that these exploiting companies can advertise to people shafted by the government, Free adverts to vunerable people offering opportunities to get deeper in debt, well done mate great business idea.

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