Stressed out and totally stuck

June 12, 2015

Looking for some advice, I’ve been paying CSA for over 8 years, took myself, after some disputes and agreements I started paying by standing order, this then turned into coming out of my wages for no reason as never defaulted with them so not sure why this did this. I sent copies of wages slips they asked for they said £30 a week it was left at that. I was paying a debt off my wage about the same time (non CSA related) £20 a month phoned wages up to see how much was left to be told that the £20 was actually CSA payment down as court order on my wage and they didn’t know anything about the other debt. stupid me thought CSA was coming out fo my wage before I got paid and the £20 was the debt I was paying.

So for 8 years CSA have only been taking £20 a month, as it stands there is only me that knows about this I earn 17k a year the debt looks like it could be about 20k., totally stressed not sure what I should do. can’t understand why CSA have never contacted me about wrong payment amounts or even adjusted my wage.

Just totally stuck at this point


  • Bill says:

    Short fall on payment = £10 a week. Equal £520 per year. 8 years times £520 = £4160.
    Total short fall £4160.
    Why did the PWC not notice the shortfall?

  • Spikey says:

    They are taking £20 a month direct from my wage as it stands now after 8 years they should be taking about £222 a month. I don’t see my child from that relationship and communication totally broke down down from me and my ex after 2 years going through the courts. So not sure why my ex has never chased it up either when she would have noticed the short fall. Everything was ok when paying by standing order the mess has come along since they decided to take it from my wage for no reason. So hence the reason I’m in debt there has been at least a £160 short fall every month for 8 years taking into account my wage was only 14k when first started paying hence the £30 a week when they first assessed me

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