Spiteful mother of unwanted child

January 20, 2012

My poor partner has got this extremely nasty piece of work on his back for csa payments and she only did it out of pure spite not because she cares for her kid. It was a one off night of pointless sex (not jus his words) and it was all ‘im on the pill honest dont use a condom im allergic’ bullcrap. She done it because she was trying to trap him and she told this to a friend who she fell out with and they told me. The girl knew she would only ever waste of space men and my man was the best she would ever get and she knows it. I am not jys saying that through being biased the girl has got another kid by another man who also left her bevause she tried it again she will never learn.

Anyway i hav messages on facebook of her mockin him and sayin she only went csa to ‘fuck him up’ and then she went on to wish my at the time unborn daughter dead on a number of occaisons and calling me a slag etc (what the hell did i do ?) And also saying our days were number and she was digging our graves. Silly childish threats. I also have messages of her saying that the kid might not be his, a possible 3 fathers how disgraceful poor child. My partner said from the second she announced that she was pregnant that he was not ready for a child and had no intention of staying with her and she already knew that. He had no intention of being around for the child especially if the was uncertainty of the fathers.

Maybe that makes him a terrible man but if a girl is offering sex what silly man doesnt he should have used protection but he trusted her word so he was deceived.

This girl is all round nasty in every way shape or form (aparently had STDs and also drinks everyday and takes drugs and her new thing is to pop sleeping pills all with 2 very young children in her care and always with different drug taking random men in her house)i have proof of alot of these things i saved all messages and social networking posts. Has he got any grounds to go on here? And also now she has posted on her facebook page (because she is vindictive and thinks its a joke and is plaigerising his name) that csa want a picture of him what do they want that for and can they do that?

Also they have no evidence that he is the father but said when the nasty girl told them bout the other 2 potential fathers there wasnt enough evidence to say that they were even though they never contacted the others. Please help im worried for my daughter aswell now as my partner does not work at the moment but when he does we are going to struggle to get by and rent a place that bitch (sorry) gets all benefits and spend her money on drink drugs and ann summers gear to get yet more men its damn right ludicris csa is a joke what about our child together she needs the suppirt too if not more so as she was actually wanted!



Ps. Sorry for any spelling errors writing on small phone.


  • SamuraiJack says:

    Firstly, when you see threats written by her, press ‘Print Screen’ (or ‘PrtScn’ on some keyboards), then go to paint and paste the image. Save these up and present them to the police. I know that the police like nothing better than to say “there’s nothing we can do” but once in a while they help so you might as well try it seeing as how you’re already paying them. This will come in handy for either getting her in trouble with the police (which will help with step 3) or cutting down the amount of harassment you receive.

    Secondly, take the image containing a confession that the child is unlikely to be your partners and inform the CSA. Ask how you can send this file to them, possibly by printing it out and posting it to them, and insist that a DNA test must be performed before any payments are made, as the most important part of all legislation is the presumption of innocence, i.e. they can’t assume that your partner made the child, they have to prove it given that the mother freely admits in a public forum (facebook) that there is a less than 50% chance that the child is your partner’s before they can fairly deduct money.

    Thirdly, if the child is indeed your partner’s, take as much evidence as you can of the drug-taking, sleeping pill use, and other mistreatment of her children and inform the social services. Granted, like the police, there’s a chance that they’ll be crap, but at the end of the day you’ve already paid for them so it’s worth a shot for the child’s sake if nothing else. Mention that you are willing to have the child at yours for more of the week, or even to take care of the child yourself full time, and this will reduce the amount you need to pay and the amount of damage done to the child. The better you are at presenting yourself as the better parents, the higher your success rate. If you get custody of the child for the majority of the time, then She has to pay You, and hopefully this will dissuade the wretched woman from making and destroying any more lives.

    I hope this helps.

  • Bella says:

    If you have proof that she is a terrible mother and that the children are in danger then you should report her to child protection. Yes your partner is an idiot for sleeping with her without protection and if what you are saying is true then she in my mind is scum. Your partner needs to contact the CSA to sort out paternity and if proven that he is then he would only pay £5 a week if he is on benefits. Any images posted on social network sites are in the public domain and can be copied although I don’t know why the CSA would want a picture of him. You might be better blocking her from your facebook accounts. At the end of the day if that child is your partners then he does have a responsibility to pay, my only hope is that the children in the middle of this are lookied after properly.

  • chall says:


    Have the CSA made any contact with your OH, either in writing, by phone OR email?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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