Son’s cheating ex is lying to get two lots of money!

May 8, 2017

My son split up with his wife two years ago,she WS seeing other men while he was at work,they have two kids,he has paid direct payments every week to her which she demanded or he couldn’t see his kids,he has them every weekend.Marston baliffs now want 7000 grand because his ex lied and said he hadn’t paid anything.he is at his wits end and she uses the kids as weopons.


  • Tock says:

    bailiff…!!! just ignore them, if he paid his ex by bank transfer than that is fine. but otherwise he had no leg to stand on. the other way is take the kid. if he can afford to go to court. that mean he can asking for share parent responsibility.

    it mean the child have to stay with him 1 week with him 1 week. it all about find the good solicitor. put this to the court as “you miss the children and can’t work and a lot of stress”

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