Son lives with his fiancee yet I still pay CSA for him

October 21, 2012

After years of misery at the hands of this rabble.Wrong assessments adding children on that rent mine. Stuck on csa1 and no way off, can see the end twins are 19 on 31 st January.

I hope to god my case gets closed before they change child benefit to 20 years.

Another year I won’t be able to cope,it’s bad enough paying for the two knowing one is at university and when not there is living with his fiancée.

Please please end soon, if not for me for my wife.

I have paid all along and have no arrears let me go in peace.


  • wilf says:

    If a child is attending university studying a degree course they are no longer regarded as qualifying child for child support. Telephone the CSA and ask them to check child support payments for both and quote the name of the university attended.

  • wilf says:

    That should be check child benefit payments.

  • chall says:


    A course should be non advanced education, full time education (12 hours or more) to qualify.

    Regardless, a ‘child’ is not considered a child if they are or have been married or in a civil partnership.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Alice says:

    as others have said if a qualifying child is in advanced education (hnc or above – and certainly degree) then they are no longer a qualifying child.

    As for the increase in age to 20, this is due to come into play in Dec 2012 and even if your case was closed prior to this the case can be re-opened after the age rise

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