Son left college 12 months ago yet CSA still wants money

August 26, 2012

I have wrote to the csa on numerous occassions asking when my payments will stop, i heard nothing so wrote to the The Independent Case Examiner (ICE). I then received a call back from the csa from a man who apart from being a bit miffed with me for contacting the (ICE) wouldnt tell me when or if my payments will stop.

My son is 18 next month and although he started a college training course upon leaving school he dropped out over 12 months ago, i told the man who rang me from the csa and even though i informed him of this he said every circumstance is different therefore he cant tell me when the payments will stop. He also implied that i could be paying til my son either signs on the dole or starts work.

Every now and then my son asks me for money or cigarettes and although i gave him it in the past i told him last time that because the csa are still taking money from my wages i cant afford to keep doing this, his reply was “why are you still paying? I’ve not been to college in over 12 months “


  • Alice says:

    If your son is 18 next month then he should be able to claim JSA if his mother stops child benefit.Inform the PWC that your son has informed him that he is no longer in education and that you are going to put in a request for the fraud department to look into her case.Tell your son that when Child Benefit ceases that you will give him pocket money to help him out while he finds a job or claims JSA(underhanded I know but the money is meant for him anyway).Write a letter to the Child Beneffit office with any information that you have..I have said for a long time that the Child Benefit office should write to each parent when it ends,with the help from the education offices if a child is not in school/college.JSA is about £56.00 to your son (but should be looking for work if not in education or training)

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