Son is not in college but CSA insist I pay

October 1, 2012

I have lived on approx 73 pound per week and a car to run to and fro to work plus a house to run .my daughter was 19 in july and my son was 16 in january and left school in may.

He is not going to college because my oldest daughter sees him with his mates every time she goes into town which is every other day.

The c.s.a phoned me up on the 24th because i sent them a email and on the 25th i got a letter saying that i have a rebait from my daughter she was 19 but i have to pay to my son 35pound per week but a know for a fact he is not in college.

I just want it to be fair if he his at college then i dont mind paying BUT I KNOW HE ISNT!


  • Corryn says:

    Hi, you need to ask the CSA to see if your ex is still being paid chid benefit for your son. If shes still getting CB you will pay CM untill such time as he leaves college (officially)or gets a job, or does sweet FA really! If your son is not in college your ex doesnt have a right to claim CB for him as hes over 16 now. Obviously she will not be in a hurry to inform the CSA of which, if hes dropped out as shes coining it in from your coffers every month, as well as CB payments.
    There really needs to be something in place to stop this happening, its so widespread and obviously a huge problem with less than truthfull PWC’s stringing both the NRP and CB office a fair ride when they know they shouldnt be getting payments from either! If your positive your son is not in college (some fulltime courses are for as little as 12 hours per week remember) then report her for benefit fraud of CB.

  • Alice says:

    your ex will have been asked by the Child Benefit office on the approach to your son’s 16th birthday whether he was going to remain in full time non-advanced education, if he had been accepted to a full time college course they will have extended the CB for the period of time your ex has stated he will be on the course. If CB is in payment then the CSA have to keep the case open. If your son has dropped out of college your ex should have contacted CB and CSA, if she has not done this she is claiming her CB fraudulently, I would suggest that you contact the college and confirm that your son is no longer attending the course, report this to the CB office and they will investigate a fraud claim, if this is proved the CB will stop and so with your liability for Child Maintenace

  • Charlie Fields says:

    It is no use contacting the College, they will play the data protection card. As others state, if she recieves CB…you pay, the CSA won’t care about anything elses. I have had this myself and was told to contact the CB…GUESS WHAT? Data protection! If you are the NRP you are basically screwed, it’s a one way system.

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