Son did not live with mother, still CSA wants money

August 24, 2010

Hi hope you can help.

I am a divorced parent whose wife left me 4 years ago, at the time due to the circumstances my 3 children all deciced to stay with me. More recently my 18 yr old sons relationship improved with his mother and he decieced to try living with her which he did for approx 9 weeks during June-August of this year. the move as meant to be more perminent but things did work work out so he moved back in with me.

During his short time with his mother he stayed only 2 nights in any week at her home the other time he went to his girlfriends as he realised quite quickly that things were not going to work out. I have now being chased by the CSA as she has put in a claim for the period that my son was with her, although he only stayed max 2 nights per week, i have tried talking to them with no success, i have told them it is a false claim but they say they cant take my word or even my son’s word even if he puts it in writing that the claim is false.

During the 4 years since she left i never made any claim against her for any costs for looking after the children but was just happy they choose to be with me, but at the first opportunity she lodges a claim against me, any suggestions surely her claim must be unlawful ? expecially as its in regard to another adult not a child ?




  • Brokenfather says:

    Well two possibilities may be available:-

    1. Has he left full time education. If so, then no CM is liable.

    2. Are you receiving the Child Benefit (if it is payable). If so, you can claim that you are the resident parent and that he only had contact with his mother for 2 nights a week.

    If neither of them apply, then you are probably stuffed.

    Put in a claim against the mother for the children still living with you and get your money back that way.

  • Brokenfather says:

    Hmmm, isnt this interesting.

    The father states the son did not live with the mother.
    The son states that he did not live with the mother.
    The mother states the sone did live with the mother.

    The CSA believe only the mother.

    Speaks volumes ……..

  • Karl Garrett says:

    Female oriented world……..

  • andy t says:

    I’m having similar difficulties having paid for CM via a Private Agreement. Now my son lives with me and she’s not getting any extra cash, my ex-partner has gone back to the CSA to claim I failed to keep to our private agreement and guess what?, they believe her!. I’m being harrassed to pay her over £21,650 back pay.

    I’ve written to my MP to seek advice.

    I have tried to make a claim myself but evertime the CSA contact`me they ask me if I want to make a payment. I feel totally let down by the system.

  • Colin Seddon says:

    Show them your child support.. your the one with full time care, this is all the proof, plus get your child tax credit history, if your on a low income they will do little, but personally, i would put in for a claim for the past four or so years you have had your children with your proof, then if this fails, put in for a complaint, then another, ask if this is a final explanation, then when they dont give you what your looking for , put your complait to the csa ombidsmen.. ICE im sure its called, with your complaint of back payments and that the goverment csa has failed you and notified you of your entiltments, this is then forwarded on to your ex, who im sure will withdraw her claim, but in the meantime you can go as past or as slow on your complaint, but after the age of leaving full time education you will no longer be accountable… !!!?? for what you owe.. from someone whos been there.. ish

  • Isaac says:

    The biased CSA is not created by feminist women, although they sure the strongest advocate and supports, as the world is still mainly controlled by men.

    It’s those men in power, surely whose women would not leave them for the power those powerful men have.

    Those men don’t care about other struggling men, they just wanna please the femnist women who give them blow jobs.

    So we, the men who are working hard to make the ends meet, have to suffer from the blows from above. The world is never fair.

    Surely this ill practice has given headaches to many talented workers, engineers…, and caused economic loss to the whole society.

    But again, it’s men who make money and women spend it world anyway. It’s the woman who start the evils of the world anyway.

    I suppose the only way out is to have an Asian gal, and let those fat femnist biitches fack themselves.

    Also the poor struggling dads can make some angry voice to the society, bean up some workers from CSA, kilel some of them the best, make it hard for people to work for the evil.

  • Isaac says:

    make the workers in CSA feel shiitty

  • kc says:

    hang on i got told by csa they can only claim from the date claim form went it
    not sure though
    anyway child benefits tax credits will be paid for parent of care eg you so if you had this then thats prove he wasnt living tthere
    how ever if your son movied in for 9weeks and slept out every night thats irelevent due to the fact he resadant there
    i mean you live at you home thats your residence if you go away to france for 9weks your still the resident of your present home same with your son he tried to live with mum so he was living with her so she can claim for that short time if his in collage then ok if he was not in collage then she cant claim neither can you
    how ever collage is subject to min hours per week of actual studying at collage

    btw according to the phone calls i had resently if you put a statement of truth to them in writting they must accept it and coply withing 7days

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