Sneaky CSA found a way to keep my payments up!

June 30, 2015

I have been paying CSA for the last 18 years direct from my salary so i know they have been paid & being a merchant seaman & away from home for long periods it suited me , anyway i came across something which i knew nothing about just by goofing around various websites , included in but not part of child maintenance is a carer allowance ” an extra amount based on the age of the youngest child for whom child maintenance is needed. This is known as a carer allowance. This is not maintenance for the children, but we include it because the children need to be cared for by an adult. This carer allowance is reduced by 25% if the youngest child is 11, 12 or 13, or by 50% if the youngest child is 14 or 15. The carer allowance ends when the youngest child is 16.

Well as my youngest as almost 17 i asked about it & got it removed but when i asked if it was getting backdated i was told it only comes into force from when i asked about it , told them i only found out about it & didn’t know about it cut no ice , anyway as a result my payments have gone down but out of the blue & very sneaky in my opinion they said i owed £275 for the DNA test i had , bloody hell i thought that would have been included from the outset as it was over 16 years ago when i had that done & has never ever been mentioned to me before , can they do this as i feel because my payments went down , they had great pleasure in hitting me with this , it is never ending with them i only have a few more years of dealing with them what will they hit me with in the meantime , the person on the phone very arrogant like everyone i have spoken to at the CSA.