Six grand arrears bill even though we have a private arrangement

February 7, 2013

Okay, here we go, in 2007 a child was born, myself and his mother had parted ways before we found out she was pregnant. She had a partner who she lived with and has since had a child with him. We agreed that we didn’t want each other to be in each others lives, her partner was going to adopt the child in the future. before this the mother was on income support for a few months to which she contacted CSA and i had to pay as they made me do a DNA test. I paid and then the agreement was in place.

It is now 2013 and i have been hit with an arrears bill for £6,000.00 pounds and an attachment to earnings order. We had an unwritten agreement in place and have not contacted each other nor the child support agency since 2007, the CSA will not speak with me over the phone as i can not confirm what my monthly payments are and so forth (but they will take my money) now im in a predicament that i have a wife and a 16 month old daughter to provide for, no one from the csa will speak to me, the attachment to my earnings leaves me with #500 a month, how do i go about this as the resident parent mentioned adoption in 2007 how can i find out if this has been done? I have written to my local MP about the whole we will take your money but not speak to you approach from the CSA.

Anyone had the same kind of issue, any advice would be appreciated.


  • Alice says:

    if you are unable to answer the security questions at the start of the call the CSA case officers will not be able to discuss the case with you.

    When the Deduction of Earnings was issued you would also have been issued with a payment schedule. This will tell you what the weekly/monthly amounts are along with a breakdown of what is regular maintenance and what is collected for arrears. This should help with the security check at the start of the case. Alternatively you can write to them – include your National Insurance number for identity purposes, ask them to re-issue your maintenance calculation letter and this will tell you the details of what you are due to pay weekly

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