Should she be getting CSA payments AND other benefits?

January 17, 2014

Hi, i had a one night stand to a girl,whom then informed me she was pregnant,i did the righteous thing i started dating her for the baby,wrong i no,it was never going to work in hindsight,i got her a house,i put down 1300 pound,we decided to move in together,i lived with this girl for 4 yrs,i gave her everything she needed,we now have two children,i clothed the children i paid for trips i helped pay her bills and she works part-time,she put the children in a day nursery and i have always worked full time and very long hours

I took her out one night and caught her coming out of the toilet with another guy,he told me he had ……. her in the toilet,she just kept saying sorry,our relationship went down hill from then on,i came home one evening from work and she had gone with the kids and took all there clothes,i phoned her she would not answer,i went to the shop where she works and she would hide out the back from me,i went to her mothers,they both refused to let me see my kids,even tho my son was crying for me,i then tex her to ask her if she wanted any money,she tex back saying no,i said an you give me the childrens birth certificates then i would open them up an account and pay money in each month,she refused,i then got a court order to see my kids once a week for 6 hrs,i am now taking her back to court for parental responsibility

Anyway a letter arrived at the house we shared from housing benefit to say it had been suspended,so now im guessing she was claiming social security benefits,she didnt need to i was giving her a lot of money,i went through her letters and she also gets working tax,child tax family allowance,nursery fees paid,and wages,she was onto a good thing,i have now received a letter from c.s.a.who say i have to give her 950 pound a month,and she will still get all those benefits on top,its unbelieveable,she gets more than a skilled man to live on,i think maintenance should be took into consideration when on benefits,it doesnt even sound right,no wonder the countrys in a mess,no wonder girls have babys to anybody,he only losers are the kids and the fathers,please dont tell me she needs all of this money for a 1 and 3 year old,especialy as the state are paying everything else for her,its a joke,and it needs sorting out very quick,i am not against paying for my kids but why should she be entitled to all of her benefits still,and surely she was fiddling the system when we lived together,and now shes saying we never lived together and i can prove it,the systems a joke.


  • Bill says:

    If maintenance for two children is 950 per month you must be earning 4750 net per month.
    If the 950 includes arrears and they are taking the maximum they can at 40% then you are earning 2375 net per month in which case the maintenance would be 475 for two children per month, about 55 pounds per child per week.
    If these figures are incorrect then you need to ask for a reassessment and send in your latest 2 monthly wage slips.
    Make sure you send everything by recorded delivery.

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