Should my partner have to pay his ex if he’s not working?

May 17, 2013

Hi my partner of 6 yrs ex is sayimg she is able to get csa off of me cos my partner is not working im posative this us not able but would like to make sure i have my own daughter to provide for and i dont want to sound like a horrible person but their child is not for me to take care of any help on this question would be great thanks.


  • Lisa says:

    If your partner isnt.working they cant take what he doesnt have,

  • chall says:


    The link will take you to a CSA calculator

    Hope that helps.

  • miss l says:

    Hi my partner if 6 yrs wr have a child but his ex partner thinks i shoulf pay his csa because he not working is this true

  • gonk says:

    WTF help or use is this garbage reply you come back with Chall ??? the author saying she don’t see why her partners ex should be screwing her for money for the ex’s kid…Cant you f***king read jesus… the f**k does this reply from you help ??…Idiot !!!!!!

  • chall says:

    oh dear Gonk, immature abuse as usual…

    The link to the calculator will obviously enable Lorna to input her OH income and it will give her a reliable idea how much his liability would be if his ex used the CSA.
    It will also show her that her income will not be used in the calculation – Is that too complex?

  • Sally says:

    @ chall… The only person who spouts immature abuse is you….

    You should be banned from this website… No one is interested in what you have to say…

  • chall says:


    ‘child support agency hell
    CSA Advice and support in dealing with the child support agency’

    Your comment neither helps or supports the OP

  • gonk says:

    @ chall
    you are almost useless on this site Chall so just f**k off.
    your replying to me just fuels my abuse for please do carry on lol.
    I think you have worked out I can read how else do I enjoy replying to your garbage lol

  • gonk says:

    @ Chall
    the csa calculator consist of 3 questions and all directed at the person who has to pay cm….where any where does that help her ?? she is the partner, the calculator refers to a NRP….All it tells her is how his cm is calculated so she still in the dark regarding her question.
    is that too complex for you to grasp ???

  • Alice says:

    @ Lorna Day – the agency will not use your wages for a maintenance assessment against your partner so you will not be asked to pay anything. At present they can use any Child Tax Credits received as income into the household so an assessment may be based on these if you are receiving them, there would also be an allowance awarded for your daughter as your partner will be considered as being financially responsible for her

  • Mike Hunt says:

    Are you working on your day off Alice?

    Would his weekly liability be £5.00.. Not sure on this one..

    Your salary will not be taken into consideration though..

    Alice do you know this one??

    Single mothers do not have to disclose maintenance payments as income?

  • Sally says:

    @ chall… How sad you have to copy and paste a link defining what a ‘troll’ is… I don’t that of any use to the OP either lol lol

    What I do is warn OPs not to trust you because that you provide ‘selective’ advice and are very often wrong… If you read what people write after your posts I think you will find that no-one appreciates your input (other than your work colleague Alice)….

  • chall says:

    Lorna, the legislation, is the legislation…

    Obviously some people consider everybody, including official DWP documentation, are wrong *sighs*…

    As Tax credit awards are clearly separated into WTC & CTC, as the award notice for such clearly denotes such, maybe if other’s input is to be believed, all PWC should maybe ensure any CTC paid to their NRP’s household is taken into consideration, as per the legislation.

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