Should I Stop Paying And Take My Chances?

May 4, 2012

I was informed last week that my son who will be 19 in July left college at the end of January. I contacted the CSA and gave them this information asking them to close the case. They said that all they could do was check with the Child Benefit people and my ex wife and come back to me.

I rang them yesterday for a progress report and I was told that my ex said that my son was still at college and child benefit was still in place so I had to carry on paying…….. The thing is, the information was given to me direct by the college. I rang them myself asking when my son’s course was due to end and they told me it already had on the 27th of January.

The Tutor I spoke to also said and quote…. “But don’t tell the family tax credit people because your money wont carry on till the end of term if you do”…..I also informed the CSA of this but they said the only thing I could do is report it as a suspected fraud but I had to carry on paying in the meantime. Apparently the only means they have of checking if a case is valid is by asking my Ex and seeing if Child benefit is in place. They have all these powers but are unable to and have no authority to check directly with the department of education. Since day one, I have never missed a beat on my maintenance, put up with years of grief caused by my ex wife and now I am being legally stolen from.

My Question is……..If I just stop paying does anyone think the CSA will spend a tonne of public money to come after me for The £800 I will pay between now and my sons 19th birthday? This may not be a lot to them but it certainly is to me………………Replies Welcome.


  • bob says:

    Stop the payments and request that the “debt” go to a tribunal. Ask the college for a letter of confirmation that the date has ended. Take this along with you to a hearing. You could also request the tribunal to have a jury (as in a group of your peers) as this is your legal right.

  • john fallon says:

    This is exactly what I am going through at the minute. I am unsure whether to stop payments as they ahve said they will just take it out my wages via my employer. This seems a really unfair way of dealing with things, the CSA has powers to check out what I say, but you take the mothers word for it -it stinks!!

  • Excityboy says:

    I’m tempted to push this to the end. What’s the worst that can happen, I get the money taken off me. I’m going to draft a letter to them explaining why I have stopped my payments. If they ignore it and just go ahead with a DOE I will delay the process with an appeal. My employer is also a friend, so he wont be fast tracking or giving them anything without a fight either. These A**se Holes shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this. Sitting on their bone idle back sides and not doing a thorough job is just typical of all government departments. Hopefully it will cost them more than the £800 they will be trying to recover. Also……… I’d love to go to a Tribunal with a Jury, just to see their embarrassment when its proved that they are defending and justifying benefit fraud on behalf of that Idiot Cameron………………………….I’ll let you know how I get on

  • dad says:

    with regards to this i feel that it is always the father that suffers. The mother can lie away all they like and they get backed up. The fathers are never given a chance to defend themselves which is disgusting and i think is discrimination against honest fathers. i’m fighting against a serial lier and i never get listened too.

    Good luck mate!!

  • jay. says:

    We had this dilemma too, phone child benefit fraud and they will get onto it, glad we did as it saved us £4000.00!! Who says all pwcs are honest, like the csa make them out to be? don’t leave it if you know your right, good luck x

  • Alice says:

    My husbands daughter is 19 in October and was in college till 2 days ago,she decided to leave because she needs to work and her mother refused and forced her to take a course she didnt want to do.Anyway the daughter came to us Friday and filled in a online claim for JSA.IF your son is not at college he must surely be claiming income support which means that the mother cant claim child benefit,Inform the child benefit and ask them to investigate.Your CSA should stop either week after 19th birthday or if he claims a benefit in his own right.Good Luck,it will end soon whatever way it goes.

  • Carol says:

    If your son has left college and she is still claiming child benefit and tax credits then report a change in circumstances to them. At the end of the day this is also benefit fraud.

    It isn’t alot of money if the CSA were to take matters further. Hopefully they will listen to you and not place a DEO on your salary because that is something the Agency likes to do.

  • alan 236 says:

    iv got a daughter that has just turned 16 but has left school because she has just had a child a week ago.should i be paying csa????

  • Alice says:

    Not sure on this one,BUT,if your child is 16 years and left school,i believe it stops when child benefit does ,If she decides that after the baby is born she goes back into schooling then CS can restart.I have found after many months of searching an internet site that helps the the PWC and the NRP.IT is http://www.nacsa gives you help when the child support agency gets in wrong,it informs you of leaving dates and general questions that I see asked on here.I would recommend this site ,go to page 3 when you click ,i hope this helps.Unfortunatly cs is paid until child benefit has stopped,i dont think she can get benefits herself till she is over 17 years,(i might be wrong)Good Luckand hope you find the correct answer you are looking for.

  • steve says:

    Last year I had my arrears reduced by 10k, My ex had said my son was in college from 2001 to 2004 and at same time was claiming child benefit, lied and cheated. Dont think she got prosecuted, after appeals they fund in my favour, what a result. Some times it does not pay to lie. But all the hassel I had to go through t get it sorted.

  • Alice says:

    I am not sure why the CSA cannot keep track of the child benefit being paid to the PWC after the age of 16 years.It takes one phone call to the college to see if the child is registered in training,if not then the CSA could ring the child benefit and the PWC to get it stopped.My son starts college in September and I have had to ring child benefit so it can continue till Sept 2013.CSA stops the week after 19th birthday regardless if the child/adult continues in full time information.www.nacsa site (page 3)Child benefit can still be claimed by the PWC till after age 19 .

  • kirsty says:

    i think that csa are unfair,my ex will not pay for his child and they said they can’t help me, this has been happing for over a year now, i phoned them to see if anyone could help me get some payments & there telling me that they can’t find him, he has a family member working for csa so i think they maybe helping him to work round about csa, its not just the fathers that are getting the brush off its mothers to.

  • phil says:

    ■steve on May 12th, 2012 6:33 pm
    Last year I had my arrears reduced by 10k, My ex had said my son was in college from 2001 to 2004 and at same time was claiming child benefit, lied and cheated. Dont think she got prosecuted, after appeals they fund in my favour, what a result. Some times it does not pay to lie. But all the hassel I had to go through t get it sorted.

    Steve, re above message did this case go to tribunal or dealt with at appeals unit? any more details would be helpfull
    has anyone else managed to get csa to close case even though child benefit is in payment.

  • David says:

    My daughter turns 16 in February and i have always paid my maintenance since she was 3 and always visited her regularly despite a 200 mile gap. Unfortunately almost over night when she turned teenage she just did’nt want to know me or her younger half brothers and sister anymore.

    Apart from the obvious hurt, ever since then i have had no way of contacting her. Her mother is very bitter despite marrying and having a new baby in last few years and i am sure that she has said something to make my daughter change so quickly.

    The problem i have now regards maintanence is with no way of contacting the mother how do i know what she is doing with regards leaving school, is she going to do further education and if so how long for. The csa are not involved and i have always paid an agreed amount into her bank but if i stop paying on her 18th birthday would i be in the wrong. She may not even be doing further education or she may pack it in half way through and would certainly not be told anything. With no communication what should i do ? Any suggestions greatfully received.

  • Paul says:

    I have a similar issue. My 18 year old son has left colleague and has had a job now for just over 2 months. I reported this to the CSA who said they would open a closure case and because I’d being paying for 16 years and have no arrears, it would be an easy case.
    A week later they then wrote to me to say I still have to pay and when I called to find out why, was told that his mother is still claiming child benefit. The only option I had was to call Child Benefit on 0845 302 1444 and report the fraudulent claim.
    I didn’t want to do this as this isn’t really my issue, but have been forced into it, and now every time I call the CSA they say that child benefit is still being claimed and so I still have to pay.
    They advise me to call Child Benefit, and Child Benefit advises me to call the CSA and neither seems to be able to help. It’s just a waiting game.
    I decided to cancel my direct debit as I have been paying child support when my child is working full time and the CSA refused to put my payments on hold until the matter has been investigated. Furthermore, the CSA have told me that although the mother would have to pay me back, she could claim she is unable to afford to pay me back in a lump sum, which is highly likely as she has 3 other children, and so could offer to pay me back just a couple of pounds a week. This would mean she’d be paying me back for years.
    Today I have received a letter, threatening they will take legal action / seek a deductions from earnings if I don’t contact them and pay the money I owe. I guess that means that they’ll get their money one way or another as I’m an easy target, so in aswer to your question I’d just keep paying until they finally sort things out.

  • Alice says:

    If your son has left college now then his mother can claim child benefit till 3rd September legally ,but seeing that your son has started work then she should have rang child benefit to report it,on September 3rd her child benefit stops ( the ex’s money stops then also ) so wait till this date then ring the child benefit again.Only a few weeks to go.

  • cheeky69 says:

    My son quit his course a couple of months ago and got himself on to another course somewhere else – how do i find out if this course qualifies his mother to claim child benefit? is there a specific criteria? also if i call child benefit to ask if there is a claim for my son will they give me this information?


  • Alice says:

    The PWC can claim child benefit till the child/adult is 19 years of age ,so if he starts another college course in September 2012 the PWC will be able to claim till 5th September 2013.

  • MonkeyBoy says:

    Can anyone help please?
    I am currently paying for my son who is just 17. This was my choice to pay for my son this way through the CSA as his mother is difficult and manipulative to say the least. She wouldn’t acknowledge monies given or anything of the sort and then when I wouldn’t play her game got the police involved branding me a risk to my son. All this even before divorce proceedings started!!
    I went through the heart ache of making the decision not to fight for custody of my son as I didn’t feel it was right to drag him through the courts aged 11 when these where the beginnings of his most informative years. This and the fact I believed his mother had already indoctrinated my son and was effectively abusing him through Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) (although again unable to prove)
    I have managed to speak to my son’s school and they have informed (after some considerable time) that my son has left and is not staying on in sixth form.

    My question is this I don’t know where my son is living with his mum but I do know he has not stayed on at school. Is there any way I can stop paying the CSA as it is a voluntary contribution on my part (No court orders or the like) until his mother proves that my son has indeed stayed on in further education and can I demand to know where this is to enable me to keep an eye on the situation?
    I know this sounds very controlling.
    If I have to keep on paying I don’t mind as long as it can be a carrot and stick scenario (go to school get good grades or no more money) and that my son understands this and not just his mothers attitude of take take take.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • systemstinks says:

    Can anyone help please?

    Ive found out that my son has left school and started a paid apprenteship, but still having to pay CSA due to my ex not informoning child benifits. I have now reported it the appropiate people. However I have to continue with my CSA payments which I dont agree with. Has anyone been in the same position as I am wondering how long this bizzar system takes to get sorted as my ex is now in my eyes is steeling money not just from the goverment, but from me as well. I have given the details of where my son is working.

  • Mark says:

    NRP liability stops on the 19th Birthday of the child and not when child benefit stops.

    Check out the CSA rules…it clearly states it there however they will try to convince you that whilst Child benefit is being paid you are liable….This is an attempt to extort money from people who are unfamiliar with the CSA rules.


  • bob says:

    Even if my son left collage I would still pay csa until he was on his feet.

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