Should I still be paying for a 19 year old in full time employment?

April 9, 2013

I had not paid any support for about 5 years due to being on incapacity, in march 2012 i claimed jsa. in august 2012 without warning the csa started taking money from my benefit. this was the first i had heard from them for 2 years i thought i had heard the last from them as my son had left school and had been working and on jsa i told them this, they then sent me a letter in september 2012 saying that my son’s case was closed on the 11/05/2011 but they would look at my case to see if there are any arrears, they stated “steven is no longer eligible for child maintenance”
about 3 weeks later i got this letter:

“Your child maintenance case for steven was closed on 11/05/2011, this is because steven no longer qualifies for child maintenance. On 30/04/2003, an amount of £2.32 was suspended from your case, this has now been reinstated as an arrears debt which must now be paid, please call the above number to arrange ‘paymount’ of this outstanding amount. However we will now review your case to make sure you were asked to pay the correct amount of child maintenance”

Today (03/04/2013) 6 months later i got a letter, it was a statement showing how much they had taken from my benefit since 09/2012, there was no word of my ‘review’ nor when they were going to stop stealing my money i was expecting it to be finalised.

Should i still be paying child support for a 19 year old in full time employment, or am i just another victim of c.s.a incompetence and state sponsored theft?


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  1. Peter Brown on April 9th, 2013 12:13 pm

    You should not be paying for a 19 Year old adult in full time employment, but the SCUM at the csa will make arrears up to keep chasing you

  2. Melinda Bas on April 9th, 2013 12:14 pm

    it is my understanding that CSA does take out of benefits, usually £5 per week. It is rather odd that they didn’t take any amount out of yours for 5 years when you were on incapacity and as your child was 14 at the time… i hope they don’t backdate, else……

  3. Alice on April 9th, 2013 11:20 pm

    a person who is claiming Incapacity Benefit will be on a nil assessment as it is not a benefit the CSA can base an assessment on – as such there will be no liability for the 5 years when this was being claimed.

    If the NRP then ceases this benefit and claims JSA and the case is reviewed due to CoC (different benefit) then the assessment will be £5, payment will be taken via DFB (deduction from benefit) . As the QC then ceased to meet the criteria the case is closed accordingly, any arrears that were on the case prior to the Incapacity Benefit claim would have been suspended as un-collectable at the time due to the NRP was claiming Incapacity benefit, these arrears would be reinstated at the time the JSA claim assessment was put in place, or in a final review when the case was closed, although there is no longer ongoing maintenance to be paid the agency will continue to collect t via DFB until any outstanding arrears are paid. The statement shows what has been charged (liability throughout the case) and what has been paid along with a closing balance of any unpaid liability

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