Should I contact the CSA?

June 26, 2014

Jus split up with girlfriend she demanding money and not letting me see children.

I want to do it through CSa so it’s logged what I’m paying and want to get access to my children.

Will this help?


  • Gonk says:

    Wise words Jason and well spelt out. Although not all mothers are like this, but a f%#$¥ing awful lot of them are, greedy money grabbing bitches that just see their kids as a source of income.
    DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE CSA. They will rape and bleed you dry for years, ghost arrears may rear its ugly head,even if you have paid fully each month.
    They will bullshit you if you ever have to contact them. They will ALWAYS take the pwc( usually the mother) side because they are the one that’s opened the gates of hell. They will discourage you from seeing the kids and encourage the mother to see you never see the kids,because then the mother gets max CM.
    Remember…the CSA does not give a shit about the’s all about the money

  • Bill888 says:

    Brilliant advice above. Worth repeating: if you pay by directly cheque, make sure that you get a signed receipt pre-printed by you or (better yet) handwritten by her, clearly stating “Child maintenance” and the name of your child / children. I’m being haunted by a ghost arrears of about £1k from more than 6 years ago. No help from bank records – just a cheque number and a debit from my account – and if the ex’s memory suddenly seems to be on the blink, you’ll need original, watertight evidence. Why it’s so lopsided I don’t know, but its really upsetting to hear the life-ruining cockups made by the CSA. Some of the individual folk who work there are incredibly helpful, but you get the feeling they won’t last long… If the CSA was an animal, it would have been put down years ago.

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