Should I be paying CSA now that my daughter is a mum?

November 20, 2015

I have a daughter of 16 and i have not been able to see her since she was 3 years old(not by my choice)at 3 i broke up with her mother and was paying her £30 pounds a week cash in hand.then wee fell out and she got in touch with the csa.I had no proof that i had been paying for my child so csa now deduct £48 pounds from my wages every weeK £24 for her and the rest for arrers witch they say is £9000 .my daughter is now 16 and i have just found out that she has had a child of her own.i have told the csa this and they have said they will investigate this but that was 4 months ago and i still have not heard back from them.Should i still be paying for my daughter?


  • Lisa says:

    There can be 2 things here! If she is still licing with her mum then her mum can claim child benefit for the both of them, if that’s the case payments continue, if your daughter is living with the baby away from.home and claiming benefits then payments stop hope that helps

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