Should I be paying CSA if the child lives with me?

November 29, 2014

I pay for my son’s maintenance via CSA and have done for 14 years, not a problem I’m happy to pay.

Three weeks ago I got a call from my son’s school (he’s in 6th form aged 16 1/2) saying that his mum didn’t want him back as their relationship has broken down. I agreed that he could come and live with me until things are sorted, or permanently if required.

My question is should I be paying CSA if he’s living with me (allbeit maybe temporarily – I just don’t know what’s going to happen she says she won’t have him back until the social services get involved and that seems to be taking a while)?

At the moment I’m paying his mother via CSA for his keep, but keeping him myself!

Many thanks in advance.


  • Andy says:

    Funny that as soon as I mentioned it to his mother she wanted him back.

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