Should I be paying CSA for my daughter?

February 15, 2013

It’s probably been discussed before…but is there an answer?

My Daughter is 17 yrs old, who dropped out of College last January, i still had to pay my £300 of course!

Then she got a job, albeit part-time 16-20 hours a week at a Nursery (good on her). She started in October 2012. I obviously still pay my £300 to the CSA.

Although i do have 2 children, so i am not shying away from paying altogether. I just want my payments reduced.

The CSA state, my ex is still in receipt of child benefit…and also gets family tax credits paid!!! What!! is this correct, a person can work, get child benefit, family tax credits???

My ex works, has got our house (joint names), but only pays the interest as she told the bank i had dissapeared of the face of the earth and she could not find me for the signature they required. Yes its spreading… now banks & the CSA. Is there any organisations in this country that are NOT corrupt?

Unbelievable, should i really be paying CSA for my daughter?


  • lisa says:

    Your CSA liability should have ended on the basis child benefit is now not being paid, if your daughter is worknig and her mum has been honest and told CB then your assessment should now be done with,

  • Jo says:

    You need to contact chb office and tell them your situation and they can help you. Sounds to me that the ex is claiming fraudently or csa not acting quick enough. Don’t ring the csa, write to them explaining that your daughter is no longer in full time education and that the relevant offices have been informed and you wish for her to come off of the case. If you get no joy see your mp to give them a kick at the backside. Hope for your sake they haven’t made up arrears hence why it hasn’t gone down. Good luck

  • Alice says:

    IF CHB is still in payment CSA cannot take your daughter off the case unless the PWC confirms she is no longer in full-time education. First step is to inform the CHB office that the CHB claim is fraudulent, give as much detail as possible, dates she dropped out of college, name of the place she is working etc.
    Secondly give the same details to the CSA – if the agency are advised by NRP that the QC is now working and not in f/t non-advanced education they should contact the PWC to ask for confirmation – in my experience a PWC is less likely to lie and say a child is still in college if presented with specific info backing up the matter – if a person is ‘asked’ as in ‘Is Child A still in college?’ they may well say yes, whereas if the conversation is ‘we understand Child A left college in January 2012/13 and is now working for ACB Nursery at Anytown – can you confirm the date she left college’ there is less chance she will still claim the child is still at college.

    Good luck

  • j says:

    I think the advice you have from alice is probably the best you will get on this Give it a try but perhaps you could come back on here and let us know how you got on?

  • carol says:

    “Then she got a job, albeit part-time 16-20 hours a week at a Nursery (good on her)”

    I really like the way you said that…very nice to read positive on here for a change (yes I know I speak lots of doom porn, lol)

    Alice’s advice is good. Get your info in, I hope it gets sorted, and I hope you get reimbursed, though I think thats stretching it. Arrears is a one thing at the csa.

  • Jason says:

    Thank you for the information supplied. I have been writing to the CSA for over a year regarding my case. It seems if the AWP is in receipt of CB, there is nothing they can do and they won’t chase it up. I also wrote to the CB department & my daughters former College, was told by both..”NO, its breaks data protection law, and they can only give out information to who is in receipt of CB” Honestly, the email they sent me is below.

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your email.

    Please do not click on ‘reply’ to this email. If you do other people using the Internet could see personal information about you.

    Any changes that may affect Child Benefit should be reported to the Child Benefit Office by the Child Benefit claimant. Any information required should be requested by the Child Benefit claimant. Please ask the Child Benefit claimant to contact us if they require any advice or any changes to be made to their Child Benefit.

    Therefore in accordance with the Data Protection Act I cannot disclose any details to you, or accept any updates from you.

    The Child Benefit claimant can call us on 0845 3021444, daily 8am until 8pm.

    If you need to reply, click on the link below.

    Reply from our website at:

    Yours faithfully

    K Chapman

    Child Benefit Office


  • Jo says:

    Ring benefit fraud hotline with as much detail as you can. Let the mp know what is going on, because csa seem to think that nrps can access information easily with regards to children in higher education where a pwc is claiming fraudently. Where is the nrp rights with regards to this?

  • Jason says:

    I have just had the dreaded call from the Robots at the CSA. 2 days it took, very thorough investigation again! Its the same message, if she is in receipt of CB, she must be doing some sort of training, apprentiship or some other education course. I asked if they could write to me with what they said, and with proof. They said, we the (CSA) are not responsible for what the CB do. Kop out!

    As an NRP, who’s ex will tell me nothing, and won’t let me see the kids, but take my £300 a month. You end up feeling used by these bastards.

    I cannot contact the CB, its against their Data Protection Policy (and i am the father) with NO convictions or anything else against my name. Just a bitter ex partner!! I have emailed the CB fraud squad as i call them, but again its against their Data Preotection Policy.

    Basically we are all shafted!!! And that scouse bitch on the phone was way up her arse.

    Redundancies are coming up next year at work…..i maybe reviewing my situation.

    Thank you to all for your help & advice, appreciated.

  • Sally says:

    Jason, it is absolutely ridiculous that the NRPs are constantly hindered by the ‘data protection’ saga and yet the PWCs are not… As a parent you should have equal rights into the personal information relation to YOUR child…. As you say, they take £300 from each month but give nothing in return… Everything comes back to the word of the PWC even when she/he is proven to be a liar time and time again…

    CSA staff are not interested in NRPs or the children… They are there to collect money, nothing more… You should take redundancy and return to education, I believe full time students only pay £5 per month… 🙂

  • Jason says:

    When they (CSA) rang, OR THE ROBOT that rang me! They stipulated that this none-advanced education rule has now extended to training & apprentiships, and she maybe still in receipt of CB because she only works 16 hours. If this is the case we ae all proper shafted, with a capital ‘S’.

    So the AWPcan now claim CB, Family Tax Credits while the over 16 yr old works and recieves CSA from the NRP. I would say it’s a double whammy to the NRP’s, but its double double, or quadruple!!

    Yet i read on Direct Gov. Thier opening statement states below:

    Child maintenance is financial support that helps towards a child’s everyday living costs when the parents have separated.

    It’s for children who are either:

    under 16
    under 20 and in full-time education (but not higher than A-Level or equivalent)


  • Jo says:

    Jason, if your daughter is doing a paid apprenticeship cb is not paid….its all on the website. Good luck

  • Alice says:

    Jason – contact the CHB office and ask if a child doing an apprenticeship still meets the criteria – they should be able to give you this information as it’s general info and not case specific – they cannot tell you what course etc your child is doing as that would breach DP. I appreciate that the DPA does hinder situations like this and if you do not have details of the course that your child is doing due to no contact it is difficult to provide accurate details to the CHB Fraud dept, but they should be able to investigate a fraud report and take the appropriate action to stop the claim if they find that it is being claimed fraudulently.

    Unfortunately the legislation does not allow the CSA to investigate or cease CHB and the agency have to accept the status of chb as given by the CHB office.

  • alan says:

    the csa need to get there house in order ive been on 3 of there coucalaters and they all give a diffrent sum i should pay and not 1 of them are monthly how can i work out a monthly salerly when its the same every month and we have 5 weeks in some months just another csa scam how they cheat hard working dads

  • mik says:

    Hey Alan, whatever you think you have to pay, you will have to pay more when the new rules come in, welcome to NRP hell.

  • wilf says:

    alan:- To change a weekly amount a calendar monthly amount=
    Multiply by 52
    Then divide by 12.

    To change a calendar monthly amount to weekly amount=
    Multiply by 12
    Then divide 52.

  • wilf says:

    alan:- To change a weekly amount a calendar monthly amount=
    Multiply by 52
    Then divide by 12.

    To change a calendar monthly amount to weekly amount=
    Multiply by 12
    Then divide by 52.

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