Should I be paying child maintenance?

June 27, 2015

I have a son who I havent seen or spoken too all because off his mother. She told me that there was no point me having anything to do with him because she lives 500 miles away from where i live. She also told me that she was going to put him up for abdoption when he was born all because we split up. But now my son is 4 years old i still have no contact even though i have contacted her on many times to try and arrange something to either pay her child maintance or allow me to see my son but i have heard nothing from her. I dont even know if my son is alive or well the only picture i have off him is a scan picture.

But the thing is my name is’nt on the birth certificate but im paying child maintance through CSA which she contacted and also I have recently been told that if you’re name aint on the birth certificate and ur son or daughter doesnt have you’re last name on the certificate you shouldnt be paying child maintance as i have been told but if im wrong please give you’re views. As i was told this by my brothers girl friend who has two kids and she has been going through the same thing i have been but she has been told that if the childs father is not on the birth certificate and the child doesnt have you’re last name on there birth certificate they dont have to pay child maintance… Is this correct?