She’s had enough out of me over the years – does anyone have any advice?

July 7, 2013

Hi, im just really looking for some guidance surrounding a potential CSA claim.

More than 10 yrs ago, my ex wife got me into a huge amount of debt. She maxed out 4 credit cards, then tried to take out a loan in my name but got caught out. She cheated on me and asked me to leave our family home. Which I did, as I wanted to try and sort things out with her.

Prior to finding out about this, we had been invited to travel to Australia to visit her father, who was on holiday there. The day before we left, is when she chose to tell me to move out, but as I had been given money for the trip from my father, when I said I was no longer going, she said. Lets go and see if we can sort it out!

I agreed to take on half the debt, “as it was the right thing to do” and leave her with our family home, which she made eventually sold and made£12k on.

She has made my life hell since, and has now moved my son out of the country to live in Jersey. Which is against our seperation agreement.

I’ve offered to increase my monthly maintenance, but she’s threatening to go to the CSA as she wants more. The idea of the CSA scares me slightly, as I’ve heard so many bad stories about the father getting treated unfairly. She wants me to pay half of his up bringing, which I’m more than happy to do, but I don’t believe it costs £500 a month to raise my son.

We both have new lives now, and other children. We are slightly less fortunate than they are. She doesn’t have to work and can afford to put her kids into Private school in Jersey. So I just feel that this extra money will be used for her own greed, like as it was used when we first started paying maintenance privately.

I just think she’s had enough out of me over the years, is there any advice you can give me?


2 Responses to “She’s had enough out of me over the years – does anyone have any advice?”

  1. Melanie Parton on July 7th, 2013 12:11 pm

    Try contacting the barprobono. I think its .com contact them see if they can gelp coz if u can prove it they may help

  2. Alasdair Cameron on July 7th, 2013 12:22 pm

    Same as me mate gave her two houses all the clothes and makeup she wanted done everything a husband should , worked my but off had my own garage but that wasn’t enough for her so she started shagging around and then I was the bad one for thinking about my kids but now CSA want to give her £125 a week out of my wage , and 3 years later I have another baby with my partner and CSA don’t care as long as my ex doesn’t work gets all the benefits in the uk give and now £400 a month more, hey guess what ? I’m skint , but there is nothing that can be done , fuck the Uk and the Givernment who think they run it, just lucky I’m Scottish

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