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She’s admitted that he’s not the dad – she just wanted money

Hi me and my fiance are moving into our own house together and planning our wedding, when we first got together he was going through some stuff with a woman he had a drunken night with who fell pregnant, although she had a boyfriend at the time they got together .

From the start she has insisted my fiance is the father . When she found out we were together she started causing hell trying to split us up. For a year he has been getting harrased by the csa with letters even though he keeps telling them he needs a dna test as she is having a second child with her boyfriend, they will not listen to him and are now arresting his wages, when he tries to explain they just dont listen and pass the call around.

The two of us are stressed out woth the whole situation expecially since he isnt aloud any access to the child. Recently the mother has admited my fiance isnt the day it was just so she could get money from him, after telling the csa they says he has to pay £490 for a dna test and he still has to pay till it is proven. Is there any advise you can give as the cab havent been able to help.

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