She was on benefits the whole time and stills is

August 24, 2014

Hi, I was with my x partner for 9 years, we had two kids together, she was on benefits the whole time and stills is, even though I worked. She kicked me out 5 years ago as she was seeing somebody else behind my back. I stared paying her directly every month and this has not changed since.

I have now got married have have two more kids with my wife. My ex has also got married but is still on benefits, her new man works though cash in hand and they have two more kids. I recently got a letter from the CSA with a calculation, they had went to my employer for my details. I gave them my details, ie housing costs and children at home, also my wife is unemployed atm.

The figure they came back with is treble what I was paying directly, putting us into poverty. Iive near the Irish border and I am thinking of moving as I cannot afford to live right now. My employers company is registered in both the uk and Ireland and my boss has said he will change me over to the Irish payroll no problem. Do I have to move or can I stay in uk and get paid from an Irish payroll? Forgot to say my ex takes home 513 per week benefits, gets 400 per month rent paid and collects another 300 per month DLA for one if her kids….and her new man who is on her benefit claim, works cash in hand!!

Any advice is greatly appreciated…at my wits end atm!


  • gonk says:

    this is a typical example of why this csa is such a disgrace. its obscene that it just robs nrp dry to give to a pwc that milks the tax payer dry as well,thats bad enough but when the bitch has a partner doing the same, makes me puke. and this kinda shit goes on all the time and in the thousands and thousands

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