She thinks she has the right to handouts from us

August 20, 2013

Hi need some advice on the fact of my partner pays his CSA every month for two children , yet one of the childrens mother thinks it fair to ask for extra on top ie for him to pay for school uniform , he pays the required amount each month for both children yet why are the mothers well mother in question so greedy?

Is there any way we can put a stop to her thinking she has the right to keep asking for extra hand outs when the other child’s mother don’t and never has?

I swear they think the payee isn’t allowed to live aswell! Oh and they like to also play the “I am on my own ” card when they are happily in a relationship with someone ! Annoy’s the hell out of me if someone could shed some light it would be great thanks! Cos other than going to court I can’t see anyother way round this problem she is causing !!


  • Bella says:

    One of the only helpful CSA workers I’ve ever come across told us that if we pay the required CSA then the PWC is supposed to provide everything – food, clothes, nappies, school meals, uniforms etc. The NRP isn;t liable for anything else.

    Of course if we stuck to that the kids would be naked and shoeless because they turn up with just the clothes they stand up in and god forbid we ever ask her to send swimming costumes or anything – she won’t even send medicines! It’s not worth taking her to court to make it part of the contact order (although they can do that).

    In your case it’s black and white because it’s in your power not to hand her anything extra. You absolutely don’t have to by law.

    What does she think the money you pay is for?!

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