She seems to think she should still get the same money

July 22, 2013

ive always paid my ex maintanance.until recently when my daughter left school and started living with me equall time .

she spends two weeks with me and two with her i stopped paying the full amount as circumstances were now different.

her mum got in touch with csa cos was not happy i was not paying same amount i always did.she seems to think she should get same money even though my daughters living with me half the time.

csa have told me they only look at what time over last 12 months my daughter stayed with me.but that does not help the present shared care time she now spends when working out a fair amount for not interested in past twelve months as i have already provided payments for that.our dispute is now not about last 12 months.

please help and advise


  • CSA Warrior says:

    Yours is a very difficult one, but here goes.
    logic dictates a simple solution tell the mother you will be having the children less but then u lose.

    I will suggest that you look at the CSA calculator to see how much they will actually take. It may not be as bad as u think I think at pesent its 15%. the ultimate threat to the mum then would be if you were to stop working then you would have more time to spend with your daughter and she would only get £5 per week while u had a rest. this doesnt mean do it but the thought might deter her. Or offer her the amount the CSA calculator states.

    No matter how you look at it the CSA will expect you to pay.

    Your a good dad dont let this crap change that

  • Gonk says:

    Be careful here,she’s already pissed off at you for even suggesting you give her less money despite the fact you now have your daughter 50/50. Fair most would agree unless your a greedy money grabbing ex.
    I think I’m right in saying this as well,and please,anyone correct me if I am wrong?
    If your ex is the one claiming the child benefit then the CSA will take the full amount from you.the mother just simply lies to the CSA telling them you do not have her 50/50……and guess what….the CSA will believe your ex without question….YOU will have to do all the hard ground work to prove over wise. And why? Because its not in the agency’s interest that you pay less. Remember, the CSA works for the pwc…it relies on the pwc whom without, it could not rob from you.and the staff there would be out of a job.
    This is another example of a biased towards the pwc agency as well as an unfair one.

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