She has stopped contact because she’ll get the money of the CSA anyway

April 29, 2014

I split from my partner over 9 months ago and we have shared our kids time, 3days one week 4 days the next.

She now has stopped my Contact because she found out csa will give her all monies retrieved off me.

How can this be fair???

Any ideas how I can sort this so I can see my kids please. Thanks.


  • jo says:

    I detest mothers who do this really makes my blood boil, it’s the poor kids who ultimately suffer and for what, a few pounds more? I would see a family solicitor explaining what has happened and take her to court to get contact re-established (might get ugly at this point) an also look at nasca to see
    what advice they can give.
    Might also be worth giving child maintenance options a ring and see what advice they give….start getting info on your side so you can do things properly but I don’t see an eady road if your ex becomes even more unreasonable. Best of luck.

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