She has said she doesn’t need the money and now I can’t pay the rent

April 25, 2014

Hi, I’m sure im not the only one in this situation. I was paying child support for my daughter from 2003 to 2005. I left my present job of 30.000 and went to America.

After nine years the csa have now decided to track me down and asking for 11.930. Now that my daughter is 22 and a mother and lives with her fiance.

They have based there figures on my old salary and as a result can’t afford to pay my rent .

To say that I am pissed is an understatement. She doesn’t need the money as she has told me.


  • Lisa says:

    To be fair you should have made absolutely sure your case was closed before you left for the states, in your absence your case should have been closed due to you being out of jurisdiction, fight this all the way, join child support agency ripoffs on Facebook we can guide you further

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