She has manipulated this to her own financial gain

September 18, 2013

My ex wife and I divorced 6 years ago and we have a 16 year old son. My son lived with me for one week and my ex wife the following week It was a family based arrangement that worked really well. He has now finished comprehensive school and wants to continue his education at college.

I learned about 3 months ago that my ex wife has run into money problems and she ”borrowed” £1500 off my elderly mother. During this time she persuaded my son to move in with her full time . She has now contacted the CSA for payments.

She has manipulated this to her own financial gain and i am now falling into debt myself. I have told the CSA what has happened but they don’t want to know . Can I seek legal advice here ? I want to help my son but I feel this is totally the wrong way of doing it . I know that my hard earned cash will go mostly towards this bitch.


  • rachael swan says:

    Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do , the money is meant for the child but sadly in some cases the kids rarely see any of it !
    On these forums you only see one side of the story and it’s sad how you can’t hear both sides , However angry she gets you or how much you hate her you have to pay. Look at it from your child’s eyes he will always know you provided for him and he will always know you love him and no ever how much it pains you calling his mother would upset him .
    Good luck with whatever happens though xx

  • rachael swan says:

    Should say however much it pains you, try not to call his mother names as this will only upset him ! bloody phone 🙂

  • derek miller says:

    they can only take 15% of your wages, probably less than it cost you to keep him 26 weeks of the year, do not be pressured into paying her any extra, say for clothes or trips, that’s her problem. if he leaves education make sure you collect evidence to that end as some PWC’s don’t stop the claim. is their any joint assets still, like a house? if their is, go for your share/equity

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