She gave nothing while my husband struggled to bring their daughter up

October 4, 2013

My husband brought his daughter up alone because the childs mother left them when she was 6 months old. For twelve years he looked after her with no money from the mother and very little contact.

Eighteen months ago the daughter decided she wanted to live with her mother. Yesterday my husband was contacted by CSA and told he must pay maintenance.

They asked for my details too but he didn’t have them to hand so didn’t give them.He has an arrangement at present where he pays money into his daughters account. With the mother now claiming money he knows his daughter won’t be provided for. Her mother has let her go to school with holes in her shoes and never buys her clothes /school uniform/ money for school lunch.

We are furious that she gave nothing to him when he struggled for twelve years on his own.


  • Adrian says:

    I refer to the reference of your details. And presuming this is a new claim they should not be asking for your details under the new scheme. Your income is irrelevant and is not considered under the new rules. So now to the tricky bit if. And I say if you can prove that the mother disappeared for that length of time then you may have a chance of a counter claim back dating of a number of years. Not sure how many years but this would involve the courts. It’s best to think less of the money at this point and think of the final outcome
    So if the mother just did one as they say and she was claiming for the child then this will clearly go within your favour. Hope you get through this cause from what you said I think you have a good case against the csa bearing in mind don’t have a conversation on the phone with them. Everything must be in writing because letters can be used as evidence and a telephone conversation can’t

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