Shared Residence order yet CSA still wants money from me

May 14, 2012

What I would love to know is how come the CSA can take money off me from my Child Tax!

I have my son 3 nights his Dad 4 a week. We also have a Shared Residence order in effect which the CSA don’t care about. I don’t claim tax credits or child benefit for my son and I claim no benefits. But now as I claim tax credits for my daughter who has nothing to do with my ex they are taking this as income!!!

his system is all wrong. I feed, clothe and look after my son 3 days a week and now i’m expected to do the same while he is at his Dad’s for an extra night!! After all our bills, rent, food etc we haven’t a penny spare yet still they refuse to acknowledge this and are going to put debt collectors onto me!


  • Carol says:

    I do not agree with tax credits being inlcuded as income at all. The Government are seemingly looking at this. Whoever decided this should be included as income should be sacked! You get tax credits based on your income for the child/ren you have living with you but the Government/CSA see fit to take a % of that to give to someone else, who may already get benefits for that child. I cannot figure out the logic there at all.

    I had thought before though the CSA did not automatically take it into account and it was done at the request of the pwc. Maybe someone else knows more about this.

  • chall says:


    Is your calculation correct?

    On cases opened on or after 03/03/03..
    Working Tax Credit is counted as part of net income if the parent without main day to day care’s earnings are higher than their partner’s earnings.
    Child Tax Credits are counted as income of the non resident parent.

    Check your assessment here

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Alice says:

    It could be that your ex is claiming the child benefit for your son.If this is the case then yes you will be asked to pay CS.If you are claiming the CB for your daughter that lives with you ,then her dad should be paying you CS.Our tax credits are given to the ex wife every month and it annoys me that she already gets her own and ours on top.

  • jay. says:

    Why has your ex put a claim into csa? Best advice is to start there as only the parent claiming the child benefit can stop the claim and arrears. If csa assessments nit taking any other considerations then I would see your mp asap, get him/her to kick them up the backside.

  • Alice says:

    Agree with Jay.If you have 50/50 joint care then I am also not sure why your ex has made a claim.Can you get him to drop it and both of you come to some arrangement.If he does have the child 1 day more than you then the money from child benefit should cover that.Are you sure he is not claiming child tax as well?

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