Shared care for my children but CSA stills wants my money

May 22, 2011

Why are decent, hard-working, loving fathers being penalised and pushed into poverty?

When my children were born, I chose to study hard at university in the hope that I could secure a career which would provide enough income for a comfortable upbringing.

My children are now six and seven and I work as a teacher. Unfortunately, my dreams of providing a comfortable upbringing have been shattered by the CSA.

During the last two months, this organisation has deducted, without informing me, over £600 from my bank account. This, along with having the usual mortgage and household bills to pay, has left me living in the red.

I share care of my children with my ex-partner; they spend around forty five percent of their time living with me. I have always contributed to their upbringing and provided everything they ever needed. However, last summer, my ex-partner decided she wanted maintenance payments collected by the CSA.

Since this decision, the problems have been endless. The CSA requested my wage details, which they lost, twice! They then requested details of the shared care arrangements which, again, they lost, twice! I made countless phone calls, stressfully, attempting to solve the problem; each time explaining the whole situation because they had no record of what was happening. Finally, in March I received a letter stating that a decision was made and that I had to pay £60 per week.

This decision was wrong as they did not take into consideration the shared care I have. Again, I had to continuously phone the CSA and send the same details I had sent previously.

I have recently received another decision which states the amount I should be paying is £42.86 per week. This is accurate; however, they still demand I pay £326 each month as the account is in arrears. It is in arrears due their lack of competence and the length of time it took finalise the decision.

How is this allowed to happen? As I said earlier, I studied hard at university to secure a career to provide a comfortable upbringing for my children. Due to the amount of money I have to pay the CSA, I am struggling to make ends meet.

My children spend a large amount of time with me, which means I have to clothe them, feed them and care for them; how can I do this when the CSA has taken everything I have got?

My son recently needed a new pair of jeans; I had no option, but to buy second hand clothes for him; how is this fair? It is my daughter’s birthday this week; instead of the brand new bike I would like to buy her, I had to borrow money to buy her a second-hand bike from Ebay; how is this right?

The CSA is a useful organisation for forcing absent fathers to pay for the upbringing of their children; but I am not an absent father. I am very much a present father, who, due to this terrible organisation, is left struggling to provide for his children when they spend time with him; how is this just?


  • Peter Anderson says:

    You are now seeing the true colours of the CSA. They are not interested in your children, or whether you provide for them or not. They are only interested in how much they can extort out of you at whatever cost. If they cost you your job and/or bankrupt you then they just don’t care, and they will just keep coming after you for more and more.

    How many nights are you having the children for. Check their website, and/or the booklet you were sent for the way the number of nights affects payments. Only deal with them in writing, and they cannot take from your wages without notifying both you and your employer first. Did your employer also fail to notify you? Similarly they cannot take from your bank account without proper notification to you. If it happened to me I would immediately instruct the bank to return it as the money has been stolen, and similarly inform the police and have them charged with theft. Why did you not do this? Or had they informed you beforehand?

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