Sexist CSA lacks professionalism

February 3, 2015

I am a victim of Child Support bullying and harassment. I am a single DAD with 2 children whom I provide care 50% of the time which agreed by me and my ex wife.

It has been 2 years that I am copping CSA harassment and bullying. Every time my ex wife feels like to harass me, all she has to do is call CSA and make up something and set back. It is CSA that becomes devil’s advocate and their harassment and bullying starts.

Long story short, last time I received an sms from my ex wife that I have informed CSA of her high income and she will make sure to make my life hell.

Right after that, while I have lodged my personal income with ATO, I started to receive letters and calls from case manager to provide information on all of my financial affairs otherwise they will make a decision on my income without my response.

Immediately after i received new statement showing her income from $65k to 0 and I must pay her based on new information.

Twice I send them over 100 pages of documents but it was not enough. The case manager yelled and scream at me, labeling me as liar, threatening me with court actions etc.

There is no limit to CSA sexism and professionalism.

I am writing this while I am waiting on a call for over 48 minutes and still running.

I personally believe this organisation is Selective Woman support than child support.

A criminally run organisation with a lost concept of CHILD SUPPORT must shutdown and replace by a real CSA.

I am a father of 2 boys 5 years old and 8 years old who looks after them more than half time. I shouldn’t be dealing with child support.

This broken system needs to fix otherwise more DADs like me will be devastated and depressed.

Its now been 52 minutes that i am waiting on the line. It is a joke.

Ombudsment is also partner in crime. When i complained to them, they said to call CSA again and make your complain with them first. I have no hope this will ever resolve.

I am going to hang up the phone and let them do what ever they want to do. I seriously don’t care anymore.