Self employed so CSA can’t take money

February 6, 2010

i started csa procedding in 2007 for my then 14 year old son it said in the leaflet that it takes 4 weeks for my case to get completed i am still waiting for anything to happen and its 3 years on i have phoned up numerous times but get passed from one office to another and it costs a fortune in phone bills

i have a stammer so it is harder for me to but my complaint across on the phone i have been cut off several times due to people putting the phone down on me if i don’t answer straight away

my ex partner is self employed on taxis he pays no tax and is dodging the csa right left and centre the csa took him to court in 2007 but nothing happened i know he has money as he let it slip that he is going to austailer at the end of year to watch cricket if he can afford that he can afford to pay his son what he owes him every time i do complain to the csa on the internet i recieve a phone call from janice milne and she says she can’t do anything cos its in the hands of peter johnston who has never rang me on an update when he said he would i trusted this man and like all the rest from the csa he let me down

i want justice brought to my ex and i want it done soon please please help i can’t go on


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Alison, please can you join the facebook group Child Support Agency Failings and also sign the petition, I have put on here too about my dealings with the CSA and my ex being self employed. I managed to get an advance payment, you need to complain in writing first, go to your MP, then go to the ICE (Independent Case Examiner) you need to keep on at them all, if you send anything, do it with Recorded Delivery, keep copies, then try and get the Criminal Compliance Unit involved who search on any info you can give them to find bank accounts, etc., then you can appeal, if you get turned down on appeal saying out of time, appeal under exceptional/special circumstances. Its all red tape that is thrown at you, but you are not alone. Good Luck, please let me know how you get on.

  • chall says:

    Hi alison,

    If you have an inclusive telephone package with your provider, let us know which office your dealing with and we can give you direct telephone numbers.
    Also, if speaking over the phone is difficult, have you considered appointing a third party representative to speak on your behalf?

    If your wishing to make an official complaint, do so in writing (keep copies of all correspondence sent and post signed for) and/or by email from the agency website (keep copies of the reciept), be sure to clearly mark your correspondence ‘complaint’ – send copies of such to your local MP and ask for their assistance.
    You will need to go through the agencies complaints procedure before the Independent Case Examiner will get involved.

    More info in the forum at

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