Self employed parents and the Child Support Agency

October 17, 2011

My story I am sure is shared by a number of readers. My ex is self employed which means that he has to supply paperwork to the CSA which 12 months later is still not complete. Consequently I am still waiting for an assessment and am having to ask the CSA to push for interim payments which so far this year have totalled £75. He was at one stage employed and I was advised that I was entitled to over £150 each month.

Out of the 6 months he was employed I received 2 payments due to the CSA being incredibly slow to act and him being deliberately evasive and obstructive. He clearly can afford to make payments but would rather die than pay me and the CSA seem to let him get away with it.

I am struggling to support my daughter financially and unfortunately she does not see why her father has to contribute towards her upkeep and I am running out of arguments. There must be a quicker way for self employed parents to be treated by the CSA.


  • karen bedford says:

    Clare – this is the problem, self employed get away with everything – my ex the same – lied, never paid the money he should, lied to taxman and no one cares! My case is closed now and I will never get the money, in fact the money I ‘fought’ for which was due to me and my children was given to another ‘person’ on benefits, doesnt want to work and never has, while we struggled for years, the csa doesnt go after these people only the easy targets who work, thats why most go self employed, the csa know about this problem and wont be anything about it. Im sorry to have to tell you this please join the facebook groups for support and advice as you could try for advance payment but you need to go through complaints, enforcement, contact ICE, departure appeal tribunal, MP, etc. first, good luck

  • Paul Baker says:

    Women get away with sheer blue murder during separation and divorce and yet they scream sexual discrimination and how badly they fare financially at the first opportunity.

    It is men that are sexually discriminated against by the law – we are seen as non-resident parents without a cat in hells chance of having equal rights in the care of our children, our lawful parental rights are stomped on and ignored, and our children used as cash cows against us to hurt us further. This is supported by the fact that our care is seen as CONTACT by a non-resident parent. Not shared residential care.

    IF the law stated that parents have 50% shared residential care for their children by lawful default unless the child doesnt want it then I don’t think many men would mind then paying their 50%. What we mind is being told when and for how long we can see our children, and still have to pay for the privilage just to watch the woman spend it on drink, hold wild parties and take drugs, even with the child present at times. My ex always did that and the money was barely in her hand for a hour before she was in the local shop filling bags with booze. The social services don’t want to hear the word drugs and the man has no way to secure residency of the child, even if the child is neglected by the woman.

    I’m sick of hearing of women whining on about lack of Maintenance – if the dad had his rights and the care of his child then the woman could get off her backside and go get a part-time or full time job.

    Of course this does not apply to all cases nor all women but hey your other contributors can generalise about self-employed men so I guess as they are women I shoudl be entiled to an equal freedom of right to express my views and that of many men who are lucky to see their children for a few hours a month becuase of the lack of justice in the law but I’m seeing just far too much of it here in the UK in the three years of hell that my ex has thoughfully given me along with all of our marital debt.

    The GLOBAL law needs changed so that the child has stronger rights to be with both parents equally, which could be acheived in many cases, and the law globally also needs to treat men as equals – hey women got equality across the board so its about time men did too – fairs fair.

  • Clare says:

    Paul I am sure you are totally correct in your ex wifes case along with plenty of other instances. However the point I was trying to make is that if an ex partner (of either sex) is self employed the CSA seem to have little or no power to extract money that is due whereas if the same ex partner were to be employed the payment would be deducted from their salary by their employer.

    For the record I work full time and have a part time job just to keep a roof over our heads. We are not all like your ex wife. I do not drink (cannot afford it!), nor do drugs and hold wild parties. My child is my priority and my ex chooses not to see them at the ‘agreed’ every other weekend and half the holidays.

    I totally agree that the law should be based around the childs rights but the non resident parent does not always want that and I guess every case is different.

    I really hope you get somewhere in your case.

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