Self employed and the CSA

August 3, 2011

Ive worked hard and paid taxes all my working life to date(41yrs). i split from wife jan2010 after 24yrs marriage.we have 3 kids aged10,16and 19 Im self employed and due to the stress of the breakup my work and life has suffered dramatically.

However my 09/10 accounts show my net earnings are £1000/mth. and therefore the CSA have calculated that i should pay £50/wk to my exwife. i have submited a income and expenditure form to the CSA which clearly shows im not only significantly overdrawn but living off my overdraft, each month robbing peter to pay paul. However and astonishingly they dont take into account monthly living bills, such as rent,electricity, gas, water, food, etc etc etc. my ex is claiming every benefit that is avialable to her, she also ran up £89k of credit and debit card debts without my knowledge, and the CSA dont credit card debts into account.

My ex is living in a £400k 5bed detatchd house, with £200k equity, but refuses to sell it and pay off the debts because she will lose her benefits. the whole system stinks and is completely biased towards the women.i could go on and on and on.


  • Karl Garrett says:

    welcome to our world 🙁 -you are not alone. Greedy women seem to be on the increase.

  • Terry norris says:

    I feel for the guy who’s letter called “self employed and the csa”
    You are totally correct about this shit system being biased towards the women,not all women,I mean the bitches that exploit and use it to their advantage,the greedy bitches that use the kids as a means to drain the fathers of as much money as poss to fund their lifestyles. It’s so so wrong,why and how does the f*****ing csa get away with taking so much money from fathers and don’t give a shit how those fathers find the money,so long as they come up with it .I am forced to pay these financial rapists £320 a month for 1 child who’s bitch of a mother abandoned her for 5 months,who was claiming rent from the council for 7 months for a house she never lived in anymore because she moved to Germany to be with her dickhead lover.she won’t tell me where my daughter lives ,won’t let me see her and will hold onto her with dear life because she is a source of free money,the lazy bitch can work but why would she when she has the scum called the csa rapping me for cash to fund her lifestyle.The csa don’t give a shit about your money problems,I have credit card dept,bills,mortgage to pay and none of it is taken into account,these scumbags even include my £400 car allowance into their calculations despite my trying to explain that it’s already taxed,it’s also paying for a lease car I have for work,also to fuel it and insure it .how can they include it in their calculation? It’s provided as a means to fund a vehicle,that’s it’s sole purpose,but the csa don’t give a shit,as far as they are concerned it’s theirs and I should get rid of the car and take the bus or on my bike lol
    The csa are scum and so are the heartless pricks that work for them.

  • martin laird says:

    Well said terry norris my ex wants me in the streets and just wants money gave her 13000 she and her bloke then went on a 3 week holiday to barbados oh and bought him a new car nothing for my daughter though

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