Scheming exes and CSA nearly made me end my life

May 12, 2017

My story of csa is not good I have 2 boys with 2 ex partners my oldest boys mum left me when he was 3 months old and I brought him up until he was 3 years old on my own sadly as I worked my ex won him back in court because I worked its crazy I know after 3 years of no contact she then moved him about place to place changed his surname so I lost contact with him for 10 years.

My other boy me and his mum split as after my first boy I never wanted any more children so she got pregnant on purpose I tried to make it work but could never forgive her and this is where my trouble with csa begins after my youngest boys mum got me sacked from my job as her dad worked for the same company she went to csa thy then came after me for 13 years of back payments for my oldest boy even though I brought him up on my own for 3 years and then also payments for my other child 1 year of back payments so all in all I had 14 years of payments thy wanted off me !!!!

thy went to my work and took half my wage left me with £500 a month at the time my mortgage was £700 so after 3 months of not being able to pay I lost my home and my relationship broke down csa did not care that thy made me homeless and put me on the poverty line all thy wanted was there money if it was not for my now wife I actually think I would of ended my life as I could not see a way of living with what the csa was doing to me I’m now upto date with arrears and normal payments are going as now my oldest is nearly 21 and a dad himself my new problem is iv been promoted at work so my wage is going to change each month as in sales I can see csa making my life hell again .


  • Tock says:

    This is one thing about the British laws, they only go by the book. They never see what is right or wrong.
    If the laws tell them to jump of the bridge they would do so. You should be able to claim the 3 years back from her tho. Also you shouldn’t have to pay 500 a month
    Mortgage is come first

  • adam says:

    sadly at the time csa did not care about my mortgage thy told me when I said i will leave my job and go on the doll thy will still come after me thy really wanted blood .

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