Robbed of 6 months money from the CSA

July 28, 2012

Hi there, can anyone offer some advice on how to handle the CSA and their appalling service.

Last year i opened a case with them and then closed it after my abusive ex pressured me into closing it. He agreed to pay me cash which never happened. On Feb 7th 2012 i then applied again.

Despite regular phone calls i seemed to be told different things each time. My ex confirmed the case on 18th March.

I was then told that his case was being handled by criminal investigators and nothing could be done to hurry it along. He has an open case with his other ex and two other children so i dont know if it was for my case or the other one. He told me months ago he was paying the CSA, i phoned them and they confirmed that he was paying but they could not release any payments to me yet as there was a problem with my account. More or less everytime i phoned i was told the money owed would be backdated from March 18th.
I phoned today as its now been 6 months and i have been told that i will not be getting any backdated money because my case isnt actually open as he has not paid anything to it, because its been with the criminal investigator. I spoke to the manager and all she kept saying was that was the legislation, that although i had one case that had been closed, now that i have started another i am not allowed any backdated money.

I am completely outraged at this as they have been telling me since March that it will be backdated. I feel like i have been robbed of 6 months of payments as had i known i would not be backdated i would have been actively seeking money from my ex until the problem was sorted since we have phases of “getting along” i could have received payments.

Where do i stand with this, i have made a complaint via the online form stating that i have been misinformed and given false information regarding my case since ive been repeated told i am going to receive the backdated money.

As far as i know my ex is still being investigated and im not likely to receive any money until its all sorted and he starts paying. I dont understand how they can get away with this. The manager could not answer any of my questions as to why it has taken six months to sort anything or why ive been told im getting it backdated. Would appreciate any advice.


  • chall says:


    I fail to see why criminal investigations relating to your ex’s other case, should hinder the commencement of yours.

    The effective date for a case to commence with the CSA is once a NRP has been contacted by them in relation to such and arrears can accrue from that date.

    It would possibly be a good idea to establish an exact date with the agency when they contacted your ex regarding your case.
    If the agency have failed to act on your application, you may possibly be able to secure a special payment to cover the money you have lost, but more details would be needed prior to being able to give accurate advice.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • steph says:

    thank you, the date he confirmed the case was March the 18th, they’re telling me i cant receive backdated payments because i closed the first case i made against him and then several months later had to apply again as he didnt pay anything like he said he would. Just very frustrating as they dont seem to be doing anything even though he says he is paying. Ive not heard back from the complaint i made and dont know where to go for help about it. Thanks again for your input 🙂

  • chall says:


    When the initial case was closed, you would be unable to receive backdated payments for the period between the closure of such and the effective date your re application.

    Regardless, once you made your new application, the agency should have followed procedures and contacted your ex regarding such.
    In doing so, they would have set the effective date for the case to commence and your ex would be liable for CS from the date the agency made contact him.

    If you need to establish what the CSA have been doing with your case, I would recommend applying for your Data Protection File and a complete account breakdown ( there’s a £10 fee).
    Once in receipt, you would stand a chance of confirming whether the agency have carried out their duties correctly, if your ex has indeed made payments in respect of your child/ren and whether such payments have been allocated by the CSA to the correct PWC.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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