Ripped off by the CSA

October 18, 2011

The csa say I owe £21,000 for one child since 2003. My daughter is now 18 and I no longer need to pay, but they say this is the arrears that I owe. It has been made clear to a lot of victims with the csa that any arrears have to be cleared in 2 years! I work for a charity shop and earn about £900 a month! An attachment of earnings order was put in place by Fairfax solicitors direct to my employers for £397.91 per month! After a heated argument with the csa, the reluctant agreed amount was reduced to £150 per month and an e-mail would be sent to Fairfax!…. This never happened!!

I am now back to square one as Fairfax say they have never received an e-mail from the csa and my employers have to send them £397.91! I can’t even pay my rent now and can’t pay for my son as the money I pay for him over 9 years has never been taken into account! I’ve paid over £14,000 in maintenance payments (voluntary) to my ex wife for my son (different mother) and over £7,500 in travelling costs to pick him up!

Not one penny of this has been taken into account of this pathetic debt. After speaking to the csa they say they are not allowed to phone Fairfax solicitors direct they can only contact by secure e-mail which obviously doesn’t work! Please help!!


  • mari finlay says:

    Get in touch with your local MP, they will contact the csa for you and get the payments lowered.

  • John says:

    Thsi is a typical ‘arrears’ scam from the CSA. Ask for a full breakdown of the alleged arrears. They are probably lying and making them up.

    You must also make a complaint to the CSA and also the Independent Case Examiner. You will receive £250 consilatory payment.

    You should also write to Cameron, Clegg and Duncan Smith at the DWP.

    From now on get everything in writing as evidence. Do not deal with the CSA by phone.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Your daughter might be 18 and therefore making you no longer liable but did you pay before?
    Demand a calculation of arrears and compare them with what you have paid.
    Never deal with The CSA by phone – become ex directory, they no longer have the right to contact you by phone.
    Deal only by post and always reply and keep a copy in date order.

  • Neal says:

    Your not on your own out there im in the same as you just got told i need to pay up my arrears from 2003 to.
    Was told by the CSA it was the new goverment that put this in place they want all the arrears in asap.
    Was a shock to me as my son is 18,iv got to pay £113 pm for two years,i told them i could not pay that much all i got was your lucky we could take 40% of your wage a month.
    So my two kids with me now get punished from the CSA because they want arrears from 8 years ago..

  • Nicky Cass says:

    I have letters from the csa saying I have to pay them £182 per week for my child, which I think is very unfair ,and I hav two other children which I have every fort nitely,I hav phone the csa and many occasion which I,am getting need some help any one out there

  • laurenceallen says:

    I am pretty sure that after speaking to various women at the CSA the criteria for employment to work for them must be some where on the lines of
    1: Scorned hater of men
    2: haven’t had sex in 10 yrs
    3: the botox just does not work any longer
    4:over 40 and just can’t get used to it
    5: bury as many good men on the phone checklist as possible
    6: compare monthly targets who they’ve fucked over the most.

  • Ash says:

    I have arrears from thin air it goes up all the time what a scam rip off csa there a joke £1,800 on day then £3,800 the next no point phoning they bully you every time I’ve asked for a breakdown of these arrears I don’t get a thing I ask for everything in writing no reply this is happening and they get away with it

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