Remortgaged house to pay CSA

December 17, 2010

My relationship broke up when my ex decided to have an affair in 1989 after this calmed down, we set a payment & saw my daughter every 2 weeks, took her to our caravan in the country every time & went on holiday abroad. in 1993 my ex decided to get the CSA involved unless i up’ed the payments, i then started to pay money in to her account based on advise, i was then assessed & ordered to pay approx £75 per week which i continued to pay my ex the £140 that she asked for. Low & behold, in 1998 i had a debt of £8800 & contested it furiously, i never heard form them until i had to stop payments to my ex on the grounds i was made redundant.

She them got a court order & i had to pay her £1,500 in back payments when i got a jog 4 months later, CSA were never involved in this although i was told by the CSA that she should have gone through them to retrieve the money but that was as far as it went with the CSA. This payment is not recognised by the CSA?? IN 2003 iwas then given a DOE & after much negociating, i was deducted £50 for about 6 months i then moved job & they didn’t catch up until 2005 but in that time & up until 2008 i accumalated a debt of £13600, last November they sent me a letter stating that they were going to deduct £671 per month that would have killed me, the reason i think it got heavy is the my daughter finished her education, i then remortgaged the house after advice from the CSA in order to pay them back, i did but then they broke the debt down as me owing the secretary of stae £5700 & my ex £7900!

I was furious as the guy said from the CSA that he would call my ex (ihave not had contact with her for at least 11 years) to see if she would come to some kind of arrangment in terms of a one off payment, anyway she apparently said a figure but i still pay through DOE £300 per month, up to today i have paid back £11500 & are totally broke.

I know my ex is a scrounger & my relationship with my daughter is vertually nin excistant. i asked my daughter to get her mum to call me in April but she doesn’t want anything to do with the CSA. Thats funny, she negiciated the £300 DOE with the CSA because they told me so.

I can’t believ after reams of letters & numerous phone calls that they regard me as an evading father, but no thanks to my Ex & to make matters worse, i didn’t tell my wife of this new debt thios year until she found out which went down like a lead balloon! but i had no choice to do what i did because the CSA got very heavy & i felt i had to get a loan in order to reduce the debt…big mistake.

I reckon i have around 6 months of £300 to clear but not sure i will be able to survive financially & my marriage.

I don’t think i have ever spoken to people that can be so rude & unhelpful.

My xmas has now been cancelled in my house & i find it so difficult to build a relationship with my daughter based on you shouldn’t hate the mother more than you love your daughter but it’s getting so serious that i want to find out where she lives to confront her but not sure that would be a good idea!


  • Rach says:

    i totally sympathise with you as we too have had to remortgage to pay them off, going to really struggle with our new mortgage payments but they dont care as long as they get their money. Did you get your mp involved? sometimes they can really fight your corner depending on who your mp is

  • Guy Davies says:

    i did speak to my mp back in the late 90’s (Jess Powell) & i have spoken to my doctor but might as well have spoken to Big Ben! anything to do with the government & no official will be on your side!
    but i’m determined not to let them get me too down as i have my own family, i am a firm believer in what goes around, comes around & i will eventually meet up with my ex to discuss!
    i honestly hope that no one (who is honest) has to go through what i have in the last 15 years with the CSA, i have been totally frettened & the CSA at one point referred my case to a third party bailliff & they were calling me & send me letters that were most unpleasant.

  • Gary Spiers says:

    Where you fell down, is that you waited for them to 'catch up' with you. If you had kept them informed you probably wouldn't have such a large debt. I do know, I have been there

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Have you got a proper record of all payments made to her? Your payment to her £1500 is recognised by the Courts under Child support: B v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Child Support Agency [2008] EWHC 3169 (Admin). You are just being taken for a ride by the CSA to pay for their salaries and bonuses. Have you asked, how much money has your ex actually received? Is she sitting on benefit? If so, you've just being paying the CSA to cover the toal incompetence of the DSS in their complete failure to find your ex a job. Join the fight. No money to the CSA unless they prove it's been spent on the children!

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    Peter we can't say no money. We have to pay. They just take it from the wage. So it is you will pay and what the CSA say how much as well.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    We all know they just invent figures and take what the xxxx they like! And then NONE of it is given to, or used for our children. It just goes to pay their salaries and bonuses. Remember 70p of every £ collected goes to them and the balance kept to further thier attacks!

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    New rules 2008 the PWC get all the CSA. Read it. It no longer matters what benifits they get. CSA is on top. It is the mothers that may not use it for the kids. We where paying years ago. Yet ex wife never got the kid clothes so we got them as well. She was on 1,800 you can keep a child and home very nice on that. And don't forget they get free dinners, free dentist, free glasses, council tax. We get no help and the CSA take 38% of our wage. Well it is being closed down now.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    they are just gonna rename it, it will still provide the same incompetent service it has provided previously, just a change of name… no change of service!!!

  • is696 says:

    CSA Australia is as worse as your one there.
    It is an abusive organisation with a bunch of robots.

  • Lisa Hunter says:

    It's not being closed down, the DWP will be dealing with it from 2011

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    Precisely Lisa..closing it arse!

  • Qassim Saad says:

    i have contemplated killing my children three of them and leave with just to make a point and watch as their mothers suffer but i love them so much i just can bare their absence in the world God bless them their smiles give me the purpose to leave although i no longer see them any bes i need to work 24/7 to keep up with the CSA ROBOTS

  • bri says:

    Why are you all not wanting to take up a group legal challenge through european courts. All that wasted money on what the csa believe you owe, when the only winners are the ex and the csa.

    Let’s all get together and fund a court challenge to this shambles and its legal poverty they are driving us all to.

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