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Record your phone calls with the child support agency

When dealing with the child support agency you will find that anything you tell them gets lost or not noted properly. Anything they say they’ll do you’ll find they won’t actually do. If they promise to call you back, don’t expect a call. For this reason we strongly advise that whenever you speak to the CSA over the phone you take the following precautions:

  1. Take notes, including the name of the person you are speaking to, their line manager, the time of the call, the duration of the call and of course the date of call.
  2. Any actions they say they’ll do you write down.
  3. Record the call! This is vital. You don’t need their permission to record the phone call, you don’t even need to notify them that you’re doing it. This way you will have proof of what was said and what was agreed.

I realise this all sounds a little draconian, but sadly it is all necessary. The CSA will lie to you, make sure you’re prepared for that eventuality.

4 thoughts on “Record your phone calls with the child support agency

  1. A campaign site set up to help get all NRps/PP together as a united front and take the CSA head on and bring it to its knees, fed up with just being able to moan, fed up of being driven into poverty, fed up of being demoralised do you want your human rights to stand for you and not the CSA? Lets get together and start the campaign to stop these draconian idiots

  2. Have seen your charging 10 uk £ to join your association, whats this for?

  3. I wouldn’t suggest anyone pay ANY money to join an organisation. We all pay enough already!

    Use sites like for free and chat to like minded people and get advice. Don’t pay for advice unless it’s from a qualified legal practitioner like the ones that advertise on this site.

  4. Having just seen this post i felt i wanted to reply to Jason,we do NOT CHARGE A FEE TO JOIN our association!!!!! Use your eyes and you will see that it actually states,£5 DONATION!!!!! There is nothing wrong in asking for a donation to help with the upkeep/running/costs anyway. There is a disclaimer on the site in question which makes it all clear and there are sites that advertise on here so there are other sites out there who use advertisers to gain finacially for the advertising!!!! One other site we know is going to use helplines using 0807 so they will gain money when ppl ring up asking for advice.
    Could this be the same person who kept accusing us last year on a PCF of charging for membership and we kept coming back and defending ourselves?!!!! hmmm seems funny that the figure he kept using was the same amount that you have put?!!! NOWHERE have we stated that it is a membership charge nor that it advertises a £10 fee!!!!!
    What about Fathers for justice who charge a membership fee so that you may access the rest of their site? no soliciotr is on there giving advice? Families need Fathers again nobody qualified on there yet they charge! the list could go on!!

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