Received less than 100 pound in 15 years

April 4, 2012

My son’s father left me before he was born. He eventualy met him at age 4. I reported him to csa at sons birth, he was abroad on a gap year so CSA said he didnt have to pay as he was not paying national insurance in this country.

I reported him again a couple of years later. This is no lie, but I recieved £14 a week for approximately six weeks then it stopped.

I asked csa why it had stopped, they explained my ex’s circumstances had changed and his disposal income showed he had nothing to pay.

My son is now 15 years old. Ex is married with two more kids. I have never recieved anything than the £14 for 6 weeks. I work full time and do not get any benefits. A waste of time.

A man can father a child, take no responsibility for that child at all, then go on to have more children.

What is CSA for ?
Has not helped me at all. Thank God I had supportive parents that were constantly helping me out financially.

CSA is a waste of time.


  • Carol says:

    The CSA are a disgrace. 11 years I went without maintenance and now with my partner who is paying heavily to this Agency. I feel like I have been a complete victim on both sides of this Agency.

    Why are they still here? Only because it is keeping people in a job I think. It would be interesting to know how much this Agency actually costs the taxpayer because it is not a viable agency at all.

    The more people who complain about the service they have received from this Agency the better and hopefully something will be done about it, preferably closed and the powers returned to the Courts

  • tracy says:

    i have the same problem getting it from two sides my husband walk out on me just three years ago i have had 5 pounds so far from him the csa on working on it at the moment but i dont have much hope for it they say that because my ex husband is working but claim homelessness there is nothing they can do but he was living with his mum working fulltime goes on holiday with his bit of fluff and drives two car his just moved in with his lover never sees our daughter .
    then on the other hand my new boyfreind still pays maintenance for three children the eldest is 22 a mother herself and the youngest is 19 he pays £307 a month and says he has been for the last 7 years how does this work when he has spoken to someone in cas they say that his account is so old its been removed from the computer and someone has to go looking though boxes to find his account what on earth is going on they say someone is looking into it but untill they can find his account he has to keep paying its a joke

  • Carol says:

    Tracy – Has your boyfriend only spoke with the CSA? Best thing to do in the situation he is in is request a copy of his file from the DPU Unit which costs £10. This may show various errors. We got my partners and it turns out the CSA kept assessments in place when he was unemployed etc. basically the result we now have to fight is overassessed maintenance of £23,000!! The errors and made up notes/correspondence is unbelievable. Ask your boyfriend to lodge an official complaint.

  • jay. says:

    Carol and Tracy my case exactly the same, looks like our partners making up the deficit for the deadbeats, its all done to make quotas, targets and benefits. System a joke, were being made to pay arrears of 13,000 from 15 years ago when my husband was on benefits, yet ex said he was earning x amount of money, yet been divorced 10 years at that time!! We didn’t even know she put a claim on him until last July demanding money and taking it via deo, its a joke, and biggest thing is she won’t get a penny, goes to Secretary of state. His kids now 24 and 23 with children of their own, if the ex is allowed to move on why isn’t he allowed? He left her their house with endowment and contents and made sure the kids didn’t go without, this we now have to prove 🙁

  • sally says:

    Why don’t CSA treat all absent fathers the same?

    Some have to pay over the top which ruins their chances of moving on with ther lives and others like my ex pay nothing and that’s it.

    A friend of mine was moaning that she gets £30 per week for each of her two sons. I would loved to have had that much money from my ex. I got less in 15 years than she got in a month. why?????

  • Andrew says:

    I have been paying for my son for the past 15 years, which I have no qualms about. Got letter last week from CSA to say, as he was no longer in full time education I was now no longer liable for any more payments. in this time I have never missed a payment & payed in excess of £40,000 which my ex partner will never see, as her & her new partner are both on incapacity benefit with a new car on the drive & a foreign holiday ever year, GOt a phone call from the agency yesterday to say, there has been a mistake on my file from 4 years previous & I owe them £3750 payable at £185 a week! Understandably my new partner is in bits, none of this is her fault, but we have both worked for the past 15 years, while my ex wife & husband sit on their backsides. this country is a joke, so I have now passed it on to my MP, to see if there is anything he can do. but I don’t hold out much hope, even the woman at the CSA said she thought itvwas wrong & sympathised….

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