PWC threatens to lie to CSA about money paid

August 4, 2010

I am making an inquiry on behalf of my partner.

He has a child with his previous partner, who has recently met a man and now she is moving away. We currently have her 3 nights a week and my partner has always paid child support, but on the request of his ex, he never paid it in to her account, as this would decrease the amount of benefits she received from the government.

I prompted him to make a payment directly in to her account, as she has been very difficult and threatened him a number of times to report him to the csa and claim that he has never paid child support.

He has been to the citizens advice bureau regarding this, and they have basically said it’s her word against his, because on paper he can only prove he has made a payment for the past 6 months.

My partner has suggested that, as she will be taking his child away, that he decrease the amount of money he gives to her, as to cover travelling costs to actually have access to see her.

We will now only be able to see her twice a month, and to do so we will have to travel either to Sailsbury (we are based in Manchester) or meet half way in Birmingham. He has also suggested that he make further payments into a savings account which would be put in trust for their daughter until she is an adult. His ex has refused this, and has again threatened that if we don’t do as she says she will contact the csa and claim that no monies have been paid to her.

I find the whole situation absolutely abhorrent, that she can take his child, my step-daughter away and that we do not have a legal leg to stand on. I have been with my partner for four years, and his daughter is 6 years old. His ex has been with this partner for 9months, and she currently see’s him once a month.

Up until now we have shared custody having her at least 50% of the time, and have always supported her during her studies (she has been training as a midwife), and now she wants to up and leave and break our family up, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. More to the point she is threatening us with legal action.

It is so unfair that the law favours the mother, she has had three partners in the time we have been together, the only stability that little girl has had has been with us, and she is being taken from us and we are completely helpless.

Please can you advise as to where we, or more so, my partner stands with regards to this?

Mant thanks

Coryn Baruwa


  • Brokenfather says:

    I have to chuckle when ill informed mothers make these threats lol.

    It matters not a jot what he may or may not have previous paid. The CSA can ONLY impose a liability from the date they make contact with the non-resident parent. Its a pity the CAB wasnt better informed though.

    Regarding contact, you can make an application to court for a Prohibitive Steps Order to stop her initially moving away. She will then have to justify to a Judge why the move, and the significantly reduced contact with the father, is in the best interests of the child.

  • Coryn Baruwa says:

    I made this comment on your website 4 years ago, I would appreciate if this can be taken off the public domain.

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