PWC keeps lying to the CSA and they believe her

July 5, 2012

I’ve got a live case, running now since 1993.

Initial assesment made was made on incorrect (had errors in them) accounts submitted by my accountant, artificially inflating my earnings. First I knew of it was when i received assesment (1993) telling me I owed (for my 2 children) £145.00per week).

I contested that amount as being more than i took home per week (i was self employed) I paid £50.00per week voluntary payment at their suggestion. Didn’t really hear from them again for circa 6 years or so, then started getting chased and being threatened with jail, loss of driving license and to take my home off me. At that point they wanted circa £46k from me. Massive errors all the way through, spent years asking for them to review their figures cos they must be wrong. Always resulted in reply saying no errors discovered, debt is correct. It took years for them to actually advise me that it was MY responsibillity to tell them what was wrong, as I didnt know how they worked it all out (+ of 10 years worth by this stage), they let any appeal time out then said no change.

The PWC routinely lied to them so all threats and years worth of court summonses continued (and still do). Eventually they accepted 2 nights shared care, despite it being more than 3 on average all the way through. My ex (pwc) also lied for years that I’d been paying her weekly. Still multiple errors like incorrect housing costs which they say they cant backdate, I don’t even know where they got haldf the figures from. Took documents during face to face visits, but never altered assesments to reflect what they’d taken.

Got my MP involved now and we’re 19 years in and they’re still trying to apply to court to have my house took off me and they don’t want to correct errors regardless. I’ve now had 4 heart attacks, had my 2nd big one a week ago. The charging order they have was pushed through while i was recovering from one of my heart attacks, despite the court being advised why i couldn’t attend.

I cared and supported my kids throughout, holidays weekends weekdays, christmas etc. they are now 23 and 21 and I’m likely to be homeless eventually. The mistake in my earnings was corrected by HMRC eventually, but still took YEARS for the CSA to correct their assesments and figures (only done since I got my MP involved). They now claim I still owe £12k. Mike.


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  1. Alice on July 5th, 2012 4:48 pm

    I dont understand how exs can be so vindictive and bitter.In my 2nd marriage when it broke up I left with my 9 year old son and was so happy to have him with me I gave my ex the house ,I got a flat and when he couldnt keep up his maintence payments i accepted a 1/3rd of the amount because i was better off than he was .I moved in with my now husband who treats my son like his own and told my ex that he could drop CM lower because we had an income and my ex didnt.He now pays son his pocket money each week .How can the PWC allow these horrible things to happen to the NRP ,WHY because they are in control of the situation and want the NRP to have no life,I am on good terms with the ex wifes and my ex husbands ,why because we all think of the children first.

  2. Michael - staff on July 6th, 2012 9:47 am

    Alice, you sound like a great person and a role model to everyone. If we all behaved like you and your ex we wouldn’t need the CSA and everyone’s children would be a lot happier. I wish everyone was like you.

  3. John on July 6th, 2012 10:21 am

    Does the NRP ever receive a full breakdown of the PWC benefits claim? NO! Does the NRP ever receive an understandable breakdown of CSA calculations? NO!

    The CSA want this system to be incalculable by the NRP. They want the ‘grey areas’, in order that they can scam as much money as they want to from the NRP and criminalise them. It’s a closed shop of compliancy. whereby the CSA staff hit their performance targets and earn their bonuses at any cost to the NRP. they put the onus on you to inform them of any changes, with their ‘catch all’ legal wording, whilst they make it up as they go along.

    In recent light of the bankers scandal, I am hoping at some stage in the future, the Serious Fraud Office investigate this lot, discover their fraudulent activities, make some arrests, and put those who have broken the law, in the dock! When that happens there should be a class action by all of their victims, in order to have their stolen money returned and also receive large amounts of compensation for suffereing at the hands of these ‘out of control wheel clampers’!

  4. brett on July 6th, 2012 6:51 pm

    Great comment John… I don’t know who hates the vile odious deceitful thieving CSA most. Me or you ?

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