Pursued for payments I cannot make

March 28, 2012

After 23 years of marriage my ex and I separated and divorced, and the children stayed with her. I should explain that i am a transgendered woman, so whilst being female I am also the children’s father.

My unusual circumstances proved to be unacceptable to everyone and as a result I was effectively excommunicated from my family; all ties were forcibly cut and I have not seen my children for the past 7 years.

Until 2 years ago, I was paying regular child maintenance, but then I was made redundant and was unemployed and living on benefits. During this time, I continued to make payments from my benefits at the rate of £5 per week.

Later I started my own business, which now makes enough money to allow me to share a house with my new partner – not enough to live on my own though.

The CSA are now pursuing me for a payment of £12 per week, based on my previous years earnings of £89 per week, plus an arrears payment of £760 !!

My ex wife and my 20 year old daughter both work full time, and the younger one, who is 17 has a part time job too. They are a 3 income family, and yet I am supposed to pay £12 out of my meagre £89 per week to support her, even though she has refused to see me since she was 10.

This is little more than government legislated terrorism; I have very few options left open to me other than to do everyone a favour and end it all.

I have no job, no family, and no money yet they still want more strip more and more away from me.

What’s the point? How can this be right? Shouldn’t someone be offering to help me for a change?


  • Carol says:

    If your earnings are less than £100 per week should you not be paying only £5 maintenance.

    The system is a farce.

    Have you wrote a complaint letter asking where the arrears have came from? Ask the CSA for a Statement Breakdown which should show what periods the assessments are for and also payments you have made. Speaking to the CSA over the phone doesn’t get anything resolved at all and you are best to have as much information in writing in case you need it for the future as the staff at CSA just seem to be useless.

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